Wednesday, September 21, 2011

iS CLINICAL Cream Cleanser

iS CLINICAL Cream Cleanser ($48) has an extraordinary story. Have you ever thought about how women serving in the military take care of their skin and basic beauty needs when they are at war? I hadn't given it much thought. Then I found out about the story behind INNOVATIVE SKINCARE's iS CLINICAL Cream Cleanser.

Life for women in the military can be rough; simple luxuries easily slip away. Third Infantry Division soldier Linda Lee said, "..You shouldn't have to feel dirty, like you can't cleanse your face whenever you'd like." Soldiers don't always have access to water for bathing, so Lee wrote INNOVATIVE SKINCARE requesting a solution.

"It was the most unusual request we've had, yet also very exciting," said founder and COO Alec Call. INNOVATIVE SKINCARE had been supporting Stars and Stripes, a group that provides celebrity entertainment tours to boost morale among military members. CEO Bryan Johns added, "We very much believe in supporting our troops." Call and Johns were excited after hearing from Linda Lee. "It was a new way we could give back to our men and women serving in the military."

After significant research, they were able to launch iS CLINICAL Cream Cleanser, a rich botanical-based cream cleanser that removes makeup and doesn't need water to be rinsed away. INNOVATIVE SKINCARE presented Lee with the first tube off the production line, and Glow Medspa and Beauty Boutique pampered her with a facial and a makeover.

iS CLINICAL Cream Cleanser isn't just for troops serving abroad. It's for all of us who want a gentle cleanser that removes makeup effectively without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. Here are some of its features.
  • Deep cleans skin and pores without drying
  • Thorough, but gentle, eye makeup removal
  • Can be wiped off or rinsed with water
  • Completely non-irritating to the eyes and skin
  • Leaves a silky-smooth finish
  • Prepares skin for makeup application
  • Compatible with all skin types
I have been using iS CLINICAL Cream Cleanser since early August when I felt privileged to receive a tube from INNOVATIVE SKINCARE. I love it! It's creamy and rich, and I only need a pea-sized dab in my palm to cleanse my face and neck. I do rinse it off, but not thoroughly. When I leave a film of this wonderful product on my face, I feel extra-hydrated. Plus, there's no reason to remove it completely. The ingredients are good for our skin. Safflower seed oil, glycerin, squalane, coconut oil, and algae extract ahnfeltia concinna (antixoidant and emollient) combine with other ingredients to pamper the skin.

Both young and old can use iS CLINICAL Cream Cleanser. It's equally loved by those who suffer from oily skin and those of us who are dry. I find that pretty amazing. Even the tube is well-designed, with a twist cap that turns to dispense the product. It sits on its cap securely, meaning I don't knock it over in my relatively small bathroom.

I've been using two other INNOVATIVE SKINCARE products, which I adore. I'll be featuring those soon. I like the company, and I like its products. To find out more about them, you can visit the Web site. Make sure to read about the science and the skin conditions that interest you.

INNOVATIVE SKINCARE is sold primarily at the practices of cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists, but the products are also available online. After I tried samples of the YOUTH Complex eye and face serums, provided by the company, I purchased more from SkinCareRx, a Best Things in Beauty advertiser. You can find a complete list of sources at this link.



Nemo said...

Hi, Charleston girl! I would love to try this cleanser with my Clarisonic. What a combo!

Charlestongirl said...

It would be great with a Clarisonic, Nemo! It's creamy and gentle.

Koco said...

Thank you for this post! I definitely will be giving this a try soon, especially with the dryer weather up ahead. Look forward to reading about the other products in this line as well!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Jess,

More people should know about iS Clinical's fab skin care. I'm impressed. Hope you like it too. Check the Web for best prices.

LoveSugarBabyDoll said...

I worked at a spa for several years. We used the IS Clinical line. It was perfect for many of our clients. Here's a little tip- the Youth Complex did fabulous things for our clients who smoked. It seems to work well on the skin around the marionette lines and lips that is particularly affected by smoke.
Looking forward to your review :)

Charlestongirl said...

LSBD, I know the line is favored in better spas. It has a sterling reputation. Glad you like it too.

I hope you weren't finding too many smokers. I want women to be smarter!