Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bobbi Brown Bare to Bold Collection

I have the most resourceful readers on Earth! Yesterday, I mentioned a Bobbi Brown eye palette that Bobbi Brown store representatives were told would be available only in Asia. When we looked at its photo, we commiserated - they knew they could sell a boatload of them, and I was bummed because I was going to have to go to a lot of trouble to acquire it (one reason I hadn't shown it to you). One Bobbi Brown representative told me that there was a chance that I might see it available here, but never did I expect to see Bare to Bold show up on QVC. Parsi found it and left a comment, and then Eileen checked it out while I was sleeping last night. You gals are shopping geniuses!

The Bobbi Brown Bare to Bold Eye Shadow Palette ($45) is available only at QVC (so far). It's part of a limited-edition collection that includes Pink Raspberry Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks and Bronze Shimmer Ink Long-Wear Gel Liner. The eye shadow palette has the following beautifully coordinated shades.
  • Navajo Eye Shadow
  • Cement Eye Shadow
  • Champagne Quartz Metallic Eye Shadow
  • Quarry Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow
  • Evergreen Sparkle Eye Shadow
  • Caviar Eye Shadow
The palette was designed for the woman who wants to amplify her classic daytime look with hints of browns and sparkling green - or take her daytime look into an evening event. A few of the shades are old standbys, but a few are superstars. As with most Bobbi palettes, it comes with a useful brush.

The details of the palette differ only slightly from the information I got from my Bobbi Brown counter at Nordstrom, which said that the green was Mosaic Sparkle Eye Shadow. Who knows? Maybe they will get that in Asia! The other colors are the same, and QVC's photo is a ringer for the one I have in front of me.

Did I order it? You bet! Just head over to QVC, where you can watch a video of Bobbi applying it to a "real-person model." The video must have been recorded on Bobbi Brown's last QVC appearance. Since I'm not a QVC regular, I missed it.

Bobbi applied the Evergreen over the Cement, which she had used over the crease and lower lid. Pretty! She also messed up the liner, saying even makeup artists make mistakes. She fixed it with ease. The video is a fun watch.

Photo courtesy of QVC


Mamavalveeta03 said...

We aren't just geniuses, we're FANATICS!!! Just give us a taste and we always want more! lol... (True, it was only supposed to be released in Asia, or that's what we were told. Glad it's HERE!)

Julia said...

Bronze shimmer long-wear gel eyeliner? This is my favorite, and I think it was LE. Where can you find it on the QVC website?
Many thanks!

Charlestongirl said...

LOL at that, Mama Val!

Julia, I didn't see the bronze liner at QVC - only the eye palette.

Eileen said...

It is, indeed, a beautiful palette. That green shade is what really makes it stand out. I'm so glad "parsi" knew where to find it. All it took was one look and I knew it was something I'd definitely want; so I ordered one, too :-) We're all going to be so beautiful with our Bare to Bold new look!

Thank you, "parsi"!

milktea said...

I've not seen this in Malaysia. But I've got to hand it to you guys - well done! Makeup has no borders! :-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Milktea! We are veteran shoppers! :)

Let us know, please, when it shows up in Malaysia.

elv said...

fyi, i saw the bare bold palette yesterday in b.brown mid valley megamall, malaysia but i didn't stop by to have a look.