Monday, October 11, 2010

Edward Bess Soft Smoke Eye Shadow Trio

Edward Bess offers two eye shadow trios. I purchased Soft Smoke ($60) not too long ago. It was introduced in spring of this year. Soft Smoke, an expertly edited trio, provides a sophisticated collection of textures ranging from soft matte to high pearl for maximum versatility. Complete with a dual-ended blending and liner brush for flawless application, this trio is a must-have for neutral eye shadow lovers.

Naturally, I got the tip that I needed it from Jennifer Schwartz and Susan Babakhanova at Bergdorf Goodman! I ordered it when I placed my order for Gift Card Week. Since then, I have grown to appreciate its subtle beauty. The shades may look like your basic neutrals, but each has a special quality that makes it a reach-for eye shadow.

The photo at top was taken in shade. The photo taken in sun made the trio appear too light. The The lightest shade in the bottom row is ivory (matte). It blends into my skin tone while brightening the whole lid area. It's the perfect base shade. The middle shade is the wow shade for me. It's the ultimate grey, with a touch of taupe - pretty, neutral, yet complex. It can mingle with other shades and shadows (and brands), making itself indispensable. The darkest shade is a charcoal with attitude. Depending on the light, it can adopt a deep chocolate cast or even a charcoal blue cast.

I applied each shadow with an eye shadow brush, and my photo at left was taken in full sun. I swatched the lightest shade twice (at top), hoping it might show up in one of the swatches. The next shade down is the middle shade, which deserves its own compact! At the bottom is the deepest grey swatch. As you can see, on my arm, it's a hybrid between brown and charcoal - perfect for lining and contouring. I think it's beautiful. That shouldn't be a surprise since Edward Bess makeup is a luxurious treat.

Your skin tone may determine how these colors appear. I checked out some of the blogs that featured Soft Smoke in the spring, and the descriptions and swatches were markedly different.

Until recently, Edward Bess cosmetics were only available from Edward Bess or Bergdorf Goodman. Edward has launched his line at Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills and Neiman Marcus at the Houston Galleria. Now, women across the country can experience the luxury of an Edward Bess purchase. I wish we had a counter in the DC area!

Photos by BTiB - photo at top was taken in shade


Unknown said...

The Edward Bess eye shadow set, which includes this eyeshadow trio, mascara, and eyeliner, is on the November "O" list in "O" Magazine. it's $106 with code OPRAH at But be warned that the shipping cost may equal your savings!

Charlestongirl said...

Oh my, Ava, that's a deal! I am going to have to resubscribe to O Magazine. Such good deals every month!

Eileen said...

When Oprah/EB had the special on his lipsticks, there were numerous disgruntled comments about Bergdorf's shipping charge which comes to just under $13 whether you're purchasing one item or a gazillion. That effectively canceled out the savings for anyone who just wanted to try one or two lipsticks. Given that these are supposedly "specials", you'd think the person behind the Oprah/EB promotions would try to defray the shipping cost.

When EB launched in Beverly Hills, most of the things were on back order. Although purchased at Neiman Marcus and eligible for free shipping, my goodies shipped from Bergdorf's. And low and behold, there was the infamous shipping charge! I called Neiman Marcus to complain and they removed the shipping charge from my account more as a gesture of goodwill than because they thought there was anything wrong.

I am such an EB fan, I'd love for everyone who values subtle elegance to try his products. But just because a woman has decerning taste, that doesn't mean she has many to waste.

Oprah? Edward? Are you listening?

Unknown said...

So the Edward Bess site is not separate from NM or Bergdorff's? I ordered a lipstick from Edward Bess site during the Oprah promotion, not NM or Bergdorf, and the postage was also $12. It came in a Edward Bess box. I'm still learning the ins and outs of the retail business obviously.

I have to add that the other Oprah deals were really deals.

Unknown said...

Or "better deals," I should have said. I still saved $12 on a lippie I didn't have to buy.

Eileen said...

Ava, EB does not carry a lot of stock and uses Bergdorf as his back up. If you order off of his web site and he is out of something, the order gets kicked over to Bergdorf for fulfillment. That's probably why his shipping charge is exactly the same as that of Bergdorf. That's a shrewd business move on his part since he is in the process of expanding his line, but why would Neiman Marcus be so cozy with Bergdorf? I guess that will just remain one of life's sweet mysteries :-)

Unknown said...

Neimans owns Bergdorfs. And you can use your NM card there too.

I love these discussions when I'm home with the flu! Hee! The business end is as interesting as the makeup. Almost.

Eileen said...

Thanks, Ava, for the "Ah ha!" moment. Get better soon :-)

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I got some great deals from "O" mag, too. I love my Hazel and Harlow necklace and I just gave my daughter a ring from H & H.

Still haven't tried Edward Bess, although the pics on his site are AMAZING! It lures me in...But I don't know if I want to spend so much. I am notoriously fickle about makeup!

@Ava So now that Macy's and Bloomie's merged, can we use our Macy's card at Bloomie's? You seem to be in the know. Get well!

Unknown said...

@mamavalveeta03 - thanks! I have reached the extent of my knowledge re business/beauty relationships. Maybe Charlestongirl or Eileen can advise us on the Macys/Bloomies connection.

Charlestongirl said...

I just love this. I have a busy afternoon at work, get home late, and you gals have solved the day's makeup issues!

Ava, the flu? Yuk! I hope you feel better soon! After all, Bloomingdale's beauty event and NM InCircle start this week! :)

NM and Bergdorf Goodman are "sisters." Their credit cards are interchangeable, and their shipping charges are ridiculous. I pay to have things sent from NY when I have to, but I HATE doing it. My two lovely and talented reps at Bergdorf Goodman both work for Edward Bess and have e-mail addresses. I have received orders I placed with Bergdorf Goodman from Edward Bess.

Macy's and Bloomingdale's are part of the same corporate family (Macy's Inc.), but to my knowledge, there is no way to use a Bloomies charge card at Macy's or vice versa. If anyone knows anything to the contrary, please write!

I see the NM/Bergdorf Goodman comparability, but Bloomingdale's vs. Macy's to me is like Macy's vs. Sears. Quite a difference!

Mama Val, you really need to dip your toes in the Edward Bess pond! You will join us in loving it!

Unknown said...

Naw, we were waiting for you, Charlestongirl. I had no clue about Macys/Bloomies. As for upcoming events, I have to pace myself! I still have shopping spree goodies to enjoy and I bought some Burberry in San Francisco too.