Friday, October 1, 2010

The Friday Forum - October 1

It has been a week full of beauty, with boxes arriving and a little in-store shopping. I have plenty to show you over the next few weeks. Can't wait! Yesterday, it was impossible to get pictures here. We were having monsoon-like rains. Even now, in early morning as I write this, it's raining. We needed the rain, but I always wonder if these huge soakers make up for months of sub-standard rainfall.

Chanel's Holiday Collection for 2010 is in stores. I saw it (and purchased many pieces) at Saks yesterday. I already knew that the new and incredibly exquisite eye shadow collection from Giorgio Armani Beauty, planned for a fall introduction, had been delayed. I learned yesterday that we might not see it until February! Armani's holiday goodies will be the next to arrive in stores, sometime this month. Before long, all of the holiday collections will filter into the stores. It's hard to believe we are approaching the holiday season. Did September fly by?

Don't forget we have a Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick Set giveaway contest underway. You can enter until midnight Saturday night to win six miniature lipsticks, with shades spanning the range from nude to red. It's a useful set!

It's time for The Friday Forum! We use The Friday Forum to share information. Are you using a fabulous product and want to sing its praises? Did you find a beauty product disappointing? Do you have a question others might be able to answer? Want to talk about skin care? Just use the comments. Don't be shy.

We have busy weekends and slow ones on the forum. I'm happy if even one reader stops by. Leave a comment, and say hello - even if you don't want to comment on beauty products. As I always do, I'll leave news of some great beauty offers (great, not just good) in the comments of this post. If you want to know where to find nice gifts with purchase, free shipping, and other deals this weekend, make sure to check the comments.

Thanks for reading Best Things in Beauty! Got anything you want to talk about?

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Eileen said...

Thank you for featuring EL's pink ribbon collection. I left quite a lengthy comment under that post.

The weather here has been crazy, too. A week ago we had cool weather with temps in the 60's. Then, during this week of triple digit heat, LA set an all time record with a high of 113 degrees. And, it might have been even hotter than that, but we'll never know for sure because the official temperature measuring apparatice broke! So, who says we don't have weather in SoCal! Needless to say, my huskies were very happy to spend the days inside with the AC. In the evening, I'd turn on the sprinklers and they'd go racing about, joyously playing in the water like little kids.

Like you and many other lovelies, I've been having fun with my new goodies from the various beauty events. This year in particular, the collections and gifts have been extraordinary. And now that October is here, holiday collections are hitting the counters and promises to be another round of can't do without splendor ;-)

A wonderful weekend to you and yours.

Clarisse said...

Just a "stupid" question: what do you mean by the holiday season, holiday collections? Are you talking about Thanksgiving in November (it can't be Christmas,can it, it seems so far away...) or do you have a holiday period soon? I haven't a clue!:-)Thanks

Eileen said...

Hi Clarisse! Eileen here. The Holiday 2010 collections start hitting most counters in October/November so that we can sparkle and shine Thanksgiving (late November) through the New Year. We buy fall collections in July and holiday collections in October. What can I say!?! We're always a full season ahead of ourselves :-)

Clarisse said...

Thank you so much Eileen, it is much clearer for me now! :-)

Charlestongirl said...

I love this! I can go off to a crazy day at work and count on someone to answer questions. Thanks, Eileen!

Yes, Clarisse, we are a bit crazy here. They already have Christmas displays up in some stores. We call the holiday season from Thanksgiving until after New Year's, but I believe the merchants are including Halloween in the season now too. I read recently about the dollars made from Halloween and almost keeled over. Amazing!

Our holiday makeup is trickling into stores now, and you always have to buy in advance. Wait until the real holidays, and the best items will be sold out.

Eileen, I can only imagine those pups hating the heat! If I had their fur, I would too. This year's weather has been record-breaking on so many occasions, I lost count. We had the most rain in a single day yesterday since a tropical storm came through four years ago.

I hope both of you have a great (calm) weekend!

Clarisse said...

Hi Charlestongirl!
Here we are a bit slow: we are still discovering our fall collections (clothes and make-up: they are everywhere now.) As for the collections "pour les fêtes" (= for the festivities, Christmas and New Year) they'll be appearing during November, but they are not very numerous, just one or two items per brand.We have a lot more items in fashion and clothes. Halloween is not a big issue here: it appeared some years ago, but is mainly an opportunity for children to get disguises and sweets and that's all!..It is always very interesting to get to know how things are elsewhere...
Now I can imagine that after a stunning fall make-up collection I must be prepared to discover a great holiday collection now, waow!!!

Clarisse said...

PS: Have a great week-end too Charlestongirl, without rain !

Clarisse said...

PPS: sorry, I shouls have said: a great, lovely week-end to all of you:-))

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Clarisse!

I am not a fan of Halloween. I thought it was supposed to be for children too, but the adults seem to have taken over. Maybe a night for everyone to be a child?

When I was a kid, my parents would not let me and my sister go Trick or Treating (going door to door for candy). My father, who grew up in the depression, said no child of his would ever go through the neighborhood begging. :) Maybe that's why Halloween is a non-event for me.

Sounds like they are "depriving" you of a whole makeup season in France if you have to wait until November for the new collections.

Soni said...

Hi Ladies!
Charlestongirl, I'm not a big fan of Halloween either (although my dad had no problem with me trick-or-treating and then *stealing* his favorite candy from me) LOL! I'm not a big fan of all the indecent costumes. Since when did Halloween become a day for us to *bare all*? Such a bad example to all the little children.

On another note, I JUST picked up the Chanel holiday set with in love JC blush, Coral love glossimer and a mascara. I'm super excited!! (my store only got 3 sets!) My SA is such a sweet♥ for saving me one. What holiday sets did you pick up???
I love this blog!!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Soni, and thanks for the kind words!

LOL over the bare costumes. I haven't seen them yet - because I stay home on Halloween?

I'll be showing all my goodies over the next few days. I can tell you now that the one thing I didn't buy, but think I should have, was the brush set. It's an incredible value - nice choice of brushes too!

MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone) said...

You always buy the best things so I can't wait to see those posts.

Unknown said...

Very excited to see your posts on the Chanel Holiday Collection, and will probably have to pop by the Chanel counter this weekend, although here in the hinterlands they don't always get some items.

Unfortunately we do get all the "sexy _______" costumes here and they are worn (just barely!) by many of the undergraduates here. Recently there have been some puzzling ones including the sexy bee costume I saw last fall.

I have no new loves to share, but maybe that will change soon...looking forward to your upcoming posts!