Monday, October 4, 2010

Bobbi Brown Crystal Eye Palette for Holiday 2010

Almost a teaser since I purchased so many Bobbi Brown palettes and sets for Holiday 2010 at Nordstrom Tysons Corner this weekend, here's just one of the pretty eye shadow palettes. I'll be wearing, swatching, and sharing all week!

The Crystal Eye Palette ($45) contains four festive eye shadow shades: Amethyst Metallic, Diamond Shimmer Wash, Star Sparkle, and Peacock Metallic. All shimmer for the holidays. The black palette has that gorgeous Bobbi Brown medallion logo on it, and it comes with a handy brush. I love that about Bobbi Brown; there are usually useful little brushes in her compacts.

All four of these shades are in Bobbi Brown's Eye Couture Palette, exclusive to Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. Was I crazy to buy them again? I don't think so (but then crazy can't judge crazy). I can't get enough of Diamond Shimmer Wash and Star Sparkle! You may remember that Sarah Lavache started my look with Star Sparkle when she did my Bobbi Brown makeover in September, and I fell in love with the shade then. I had been sure it was too light, too sparkly for me. Sarah shook me out of my comfort zone, with very pleasing results. This palette won't produce a day look for me, but why can't we shine judiciously at night?

The photo at right shows the shades in the palette left to right applied top to bottom on my arm. I applied each shade with a sponge-tipped applicator, and the photo was taken in full mid-day sun.

The amethyst isn't an obvious shade choice for me. I have tried it, though, and it looks great close to my lashes. There isn't enough red in it to make me look like an albino bunny. It's a brilliant selection when paired with the peacock shade. The combination of the plum and the intense turquoise is stunning. Artsy, but stunning!

Please come back every day. Rather than throw all of the Bobbi Brown Holiday 2010 goodies up on the blog at one time, I will be parceling them out all week - along with Sisley's new holiday colors, Chantecaille and Tarte, and skin care. I have a lot to tell you!

Nordstrom has the Bobbi Brown Holiday 2010 items (many of them, but not all - there are gift sets still to arrive) in stock. The other stores and the Bobbi Brown Web site should follow soon. At one tony store, they told me excitedly that they would have Bobbi's holiday items soon. The sales associates were crestfallen when I told them I had already purchased a bundle - not so much at losing one sale, but at the idea of losing a lot of sales to the "first kid on the block."

If you can't wait either, give my friends at Nordstrom Tysons Corner a call at (703) 761-1121. They would love to help you.

Photos by BTiB


Clarisse said...

OK, Charlestongirl,I'll come back to-morrow as these beautiful colors are not my favorite for my hazel eyes!:-))

Charlestongirl said...


There are palettes you will love - I just need to have time and some sun to swatch them. It has rained here since yesterday evening, but we are anticipating a clearing later. Hope!

Valerie H. said...

I've seen the palettes (and more wonderful colors to come!!!) and I can hardly wait to get my little hands on them! I love your comment, "crazy can't judge crazy"! Aren't we all just junkies hoping that they never develop a 12-step program for makeup addiction???

Charlestongirl said...

Would you enroll in the 12-step program for makeup addicts, Val? Seriously, is there anything wrong with makeup addictions? Giggling here. I'm sure I have an endorphin rush every time I go shopping. :)

Miss Brahms said...

How about we poor folk that WORK at these stores and just about end up spending everything we earn at the store on cosmetic must-haves because Charlestongirl whets our appetite??? ;)

Charlestongirl said...

I don't feel guilty at all, Miss Brahms! LOL Are you being served?

Dlori said...

I LOVE Bobbi Brown and I LOVE these colors. I also love the fact that you are introducing to your readers only one or two holiday items at one time. If you showed us everything at one time, I think we'd all pass out. I like having something new to look forward to everyday. I happen to love these colors, perfect for my complexion, or at least even if they're not, I love them enough to stay in denial as to think these colors would look fabulous on me. When you initially look at the colors, it's hard to imagine they would look good together. But after really examining them, I can see how they would really work. The lustres and colors seem to blend together to form the perfect look. If this palette is an indication of what is yet to come, I will be waiting with baited breath to see each of your postings everyday. And by the way, as a make up junkie times 10000, if there was a 12 step program to cure us of this addiction, I would choose to stay away. I enjoy make up, I appreciate the beauty of the colors and finishes, and I love experimenting to see how many different looks and styles I could invent. This is no different than an artist with their palette of oils creating masterpieces on paper only our masterpieces are drawn on our faces. I could think of worse addictions than this. This is fun, and if it is one of the few things in life that brings true joy into my life, then who's right is it to criticize. I for one am proud to be a member of the Beauty addicts club. Thanks for another great write up.
kleimanlaw at aol dot com

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Dlori,

And now you understand why I don't dive into everything at once when I loot the beauty department! As a certified addict, I need to space out my endorphin rushes. :)

Thanks much!

Bonnie C. said...

Ok, I know I am commenting on this way late, but it's been a while since I've been able to check in with BTiB and when I saw this advertised over the holidays it caught my eye and I just knew I had to see what you thought of it Charlestongirl (I had little doubt that you would get it). :-) So, into the archives I dove and yay, I found it! Thanks for the review and swatches, so pretty! :-)