Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder Giveaway Contest

Bobbi Brown's soft matte, silky-smooth Bronzing Powder ($35) instantly gives the skin the look of a natural tan - or allows you to contour your face and neck naturally. Bobbi suggests using Bronzing Powder year-round to get a sun-kissed look. I know some women who don't leave home at any time of year without applying their favorite bronzer.

The shade Natural is, in my opinion, one that will work for everyone. It's described as a medium soft tan. Those with fair skin can use it lightly, while those with darker skin tones can build the coverage. It's a nice light brown with a touch of rose to keep it from looking muddy - exactly the color many of us tan naturally. Because it doesn't shimmer, it looks like you, not nice makeup.

If you win this contest, you can get a jump on summer and start using Natural Bronzing Powder now. Leave your friends guessing how you got that healthy coloring. Want to learn more? Check out this video at Bobbi Brown's Web site.

How can you enter to win this contest (technically a sweepstakes)? Just leave a comment on this feature (not in another BTiB post). After you comment here, feel free to send me an e-mail at (the contest address, not my "personal" e-mail) and identify your comment. You can never be too careful about sharing an e-mail address you care about on a blog, so feel free to follow this step (an alternative is to code your e-mail, e.g., myname at gmail dot com, in your comment). Please make sure I have your e-mail. If I can't notify you, you can't win - even if your number is drawn.

You can earn extra entries. Follow this blog (through an e-mail subscription, GFC, or though one of the many Google readers - see sidebar at right) to earn a second entry. If you are a follower, it would help me tally entries if you tell me in your comment how you follow. You don't have to follow to enter. I want everyone to have a chance, but I also want to reward my followers. I must be able to track this entry.

You can earn a third entry by tweeting this contest. You must include "@BTiBeauty" (without the quotes) and the contest title in your tweet. Remember, tweet the contest title - if you don't, that entry won't count. I will tweet the contest this evening, and you can simply retweet it to earn that second entry - if that's easier.

The deadline for entries will be Saturday, March 10, at midnight. The next morning, I will use a random number generator ( to select the winner. I will e-mail the winner on Sunday morning. The winner will have 48 hours to reply to my message and provide a shipping address. After 48 hours, the prize will be forfeited, and another winner will be selected. Make sure to check your e-mail - and look in your spam folder - when the contest ends.

This contest is open to anyone anywhere. Here are the terms. I will carefully pack and ship the prize (as I always do). I cannot insure the prize for overseas shipment - it's amazingly expensive to do so because of the way I have to send insured mail. If it's lost or stolen in transit, I may not be able to replace it with another prize just like it. I'll do my best on this end; let's see if your mail service does right by you on the other end if we have an overseas winner.

For all the legalese related to this contest, please see the Contests/Sweepstakes page at the top of the blog. Good luck!

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2sheds said...

This bronzer looks beautiful! Thanks for these great contests!

Style de Nude said...

I have been wanting to try this!

JMay said...

Nice contest as always!
email: jmay1223 at gmail dot com
I follow you through an email subscription and bloglovin

lmc1971 said...

Lovely sweepstakes, thanks! I have always wanted to try the BB Bronzers!

I follow you via GFC as lisa_carbone

Cheers, Lisa

lmc1971 said...

I also tweeted about this contest on Twitter @LittleMama71!/LittleMama71/status/176412011645763584

Best, Lisa

Tina B. said...

I'm pale as a ghost so I could definitely use a good bronzer! Thanks for the chance!

treneebarker at hotmail dot com

Tina B. said...

Following via GFC: Tina Renee Barker

Tina B. said...


Isla said...

Time for summer bronze already?


I also email subscribe with that address.


Mamavalveeta03 said...

The ONLY bronzer I ever use!! No shimmer, so natural...always looks real. Great choice!

valhoff 3 at yahoo dot com

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I follow you on Twitter @mamavalveeta03
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Tania said...

Very nice giveaway. I am an email subscriber.

windycindy said...

Bobbi Brown's Bronzing Powder is
a gorgeous shade! Many thanks for
another amazing prize giveaway...

windycindy said...

I am a subscriber to your email
newsletter updates...
Again, many thanks to you!

Mamavalveeta03 said...

RT'd your tweet:!/BTiBeauty/status/176401464938348544

windycindy said...

Merci, Cindi

k. said...

Would love to win!

Anonymous said...

Love to win for wife

g annacarto at comcast dot net

paula said...

Would dearly love to win bronzer looks amazing.
Follow via GFC and email subscription

ozric70 at gmail dot com

Tweeted @yeolderockchick


LilyBiscuit said...

I'm another fair girl who needs some color and I'm a big fan of Bobbi Brown products. Thanks.
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LilyBiscuit said...

GFC follower/LilyBiscuit
email subscriber too

vac 924 at gmail dot com

LilyBiscuit said...

I just retweeted your contest tweet.
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Rox Eco-Friendly said...
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Stephanie Ann said...

I love Bobbi Brown products! they are great!!

email -

tweeted -!/steffers516/status/176435897141698560

daniela dodel said...

thank you so much for the giveaway

dani ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

I follow via GFC: Whimsical Glam
email: emmabubbygirl at hotmail dot com

Dovey said...

Thank you for another beautiful giveaway! It is just about bronzer time since winter is ending and we all need some sun! I follow on GFC and my gmail is cuteandmundane!

Tracey said...

I am in need of a bronzer!

Larie said...

I am so ready for summer - this would be perfect! I have been looking at these bronzers.

I follow via GFC as Larie, and my email is eyeheartit[at]gmail[dot]com

OzGe said...

I really liove bobby brown products. I found your blog today so i will take my chances...ozgecon@gmaildotcom

Liz said...

I'm one of those people who won't leave the house without a touch of bronzer. :-)

kittylitter1 at gmail dot com

Susan said...

I've always wanted to try this! Feeling the winter palour...needing some warmth, even if it's faux!
I subcribe via RSS feed in Google Reader.

sus333[at] gmail[dot]com

BooBooNinja said...

Hi Charlestongirl, how did you know that I've been looking for a matte bronzer? I was lusting after the Edward Bess Daydream but you've given me another one to investigate. I've tweeted about your giveaway and I'm going to email you my contact info.

Tati D. said...

Looks gorgeous!
I follow via GFC as Tati D.
My email is tatianadoyle(at)

ishenka said...

thank you for the giveaway

Beyond Blush said...

I follow via GFC: OPI Addict opiaddict(at)hotmail(dot)ca
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Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)

Tinkerbell said...

aha!! this bronzer looks yummm!! thanks a ton! :D
i follow you via email subscription.

mail: crzysuchi4u at yahoo dot com

Monique said...

Now this is the BEST giveaway EVER. I LOVE you for giving away BB. I am a follower of your blog via GFC as Monique and RSS. Have a blessed day

MoniqueHasana at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, pls enter me, thank you. Alica - alica at cleis dot net.

Katie M. said...

So excited for this contest!
e-mail: katemcallaster at gmail dot com. I follow your blog through bloglovin' under katie mcallaster


bdyj said...

i subscribe via email =)
dyjang at gmail dot com
thanks for the giveaway!

Sophie said...

GFC: Sophie

Thank you!

christytb said...

What a beautiful bronzer!

I follow you via GFC as Christina

email: christina dot shevchenko at gmail dot com


yesplease1816 said...

I have actually had this exact product and shade on my wishlist for the past few weeks. I've never been a big bronzer person-but I really want to try it and I LOVE Bobbi Brown products!

GFC: yesplease1816
email: rphi1816 at gmail dot com

marilena maftei said...

Hi, beautiful giveaway, thank you!
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Ana Petrović said...
tweet link:!/Anibaniii/status/176638758383386624

tnx for this great giveaway :)

Alta Infante said...

GFC: Alta Infante

Alta Infante said...

Love to win this bronzer! :)


PANNA said...

Great giveaway, as always!

I follow you via email subscription.

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Linda said...

Would love to win the Bobbi Brown bronzer.
Following via email subscription.

Thanks for the great giveaway!

b.clay1 said...

GFC name is bill clay
email is

bronzer looks beautiful and it has no shimmer! yay!

Kathleen said...

Would love to try this! Thanks for the great blog!

kyhendry at gmail dot com

G said...


sandy said...

so sweet of you- need some color- love the outdoors but hate the effects so I use alot of sunscreen

beeden said...

love your blog! love Bobbi Brown!

follow you at christine grimsby
at gmail dot com

beeden said...

Thanks for the contests!

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Hana said...

I would love to try Bobbi brown products!
i subscribe by email
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Hailey Vial said...

Fun products, I follow you on pinterest Hailey dot vial at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Great giveaway!

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FunkyCrew said...

awesome contest! I following you w my gmail :)

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FunkyCrew said...

I also tweeted about the contest!!/TheFunkyCrew/status/177144550677155840

Anonymous said...

You always have great giveaways! waterlilyflower3 at yahoo dot com

Sleepy Beauty said...
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akronugurl said...

i love bronzer!!

Sleepy Beauty said...

GFC Bebe
Email bebe03 (at) live (dot) com (dot) sg

Follow on Bloglovin Bebe Lee


Zenda said...

That's an amazing giveaway, thanks. My email is zelle dot vs at gmail dot com but I will email also. I am following this blog and also subscribed to it. I just posted this post's name on twitter:!/ZelleVs/status/177159860654325760

Thank you again!

Victoria said...

Great giveaway, thank you. I love Bobbi's products but have yet to try this.

I also follow with GFC - Victoria

Sherry B. said...

I'd love to try this! Maybe Bobbi's bronzer wouldn't make me look all orange.Thanks, CG!
GFC: Sherry Brooks
email subscriber: crystesmom (at) yahoo (dot) com
Bloglovin': Sherry Brooks

Sherry B. said...


mim said...

beautiful! please count me in to win

wish i could just say email in profile (cuz it is)
but, okay,
miriam dot nussbaum at gmail

mim said...

miriam dot nussbaum at gmail
gfc follower

DRTVrMoi said...

I adore BB's bronzers.

DRTVrMoi said...

I follow your blog via email

DRTVrMoi said...

Retweeted contest as @DRTVrMoi

Nida Moughal said...

I would love to win this =)
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have tweet about the giveaway!

Mary said...

What a great compact! Thanks again for another amazing giveaway, Charlestongirl.

Mary said...

Faithful Email Subscriber!

yessie (cinnamonandzoeykisses) said...

This has been on my wish list!
New follower on GFC: Yessie

Yescampos7 [at] gmail [dot] com

Life's Simple Pleasures said...

I have yet to try BB but I have her beauty book and I think this would be great in helping me fake it!

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Life's Simple Pleasures said...


reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com

Life's Simple Pleasures said...

Old email subscriber too!

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regina said...

looks like a wonderful bronzer...would love to win!

regina (dot) heineman (at) gmail (dot) com

Emily said...

Ooh, fun! This product been on my wishlist for quite some time now.

For additional entries:

I retweeted you (via @thebonmarche}
I have an email subscription

Fingers crossed!

Dee said...

Thank you for the chance! Bobbi Brown always has the best bronzer shades!

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Dee said...

I tweeted!/DeeGee13/status/177922429832802304

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Sarah said...

GFC: Sarah Crawford

Unknown said...

ahello :)

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409cope said...

My pale skin could really use a little bronzing! cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com

409cope said...

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Cindy-y said...

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Alessia said...

Enter me please!
I'd love to try it!
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Alessia said...

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Olga said...

I love this!
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ht said...

Oh so pretty!!

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chicbenefits said...

sure cant wait to try this. :*

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twitter: @soURBAN_chic

Lea said...

This is my standard, go-to bronzer!! It is THE perfect shade, the perfect brown, the perfect dose of sun from a compact. No fake shimmer--gotta love that!

Sunshine G said...

Would love some bronzer for spring.

sunshine dot gudlaugson at

nightowl said...

I could definitely use this to add some natural looking color to my face.
winit6 at hotmail dot com

nightowl said...

I'm an email subscriber of yours.
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nightowl said...


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Sadi said...

Woww this bronzer looks so natural and beautiful

Count me in, please,

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Camelia Andrasescu said...

Nice giveaway , thank you !
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Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the giveaway! I followed you with GFC and I also tweeted! My email is whiteandblackmokona(at)gmail(dot)com. I have emailed you my users! Thanks so much again!

LoveSugarBabyDoll said...

you had me at "no shimmer'

LoveSugarBabyDoll said...

email subbie

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Unknown said...

The bronzer looks gorgeous! Thank you so much for the giveaway :)
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Unknown said...

I follow you via GFC: smurfette
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Unknown said...

retweeted giveaway tweet -!/BTiBeauty/status/176401464938348544
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