Friday, March 16, 2012

Learn about the Science and Art of Smell - Watch Chandler Burr

Chandler Burr was the New York Times’ first-ever fragrance critic. His knowledge of the history, culture, emotion, economics, science, and global geography of scent may be unrivaled. If you'd like to learn about fragrance - or the science and economics of smell - watch Chandler as he leads the Camden Opera House on an interactive, hyper-articulate, and hilarious olfactory journey. This is one of the best 30 minutes I've spent on the Web.

Video courtesy of PopTech


Laetitia said...

Super enlightening. Thank you for posting this, Best Things. I love reading about, learning about, and best of all, smelling fragrance.

Have you read his book, THE PERFECT SCENT? He explores the development of two fragrance at different ends of the spectrum--high-end Hermes and SJP's more mass market (yet surprisingly well crafted) Lovely. A very good read.

Have you made your final decision about the Natura Bisse products you were testing? I received a sample of the peel with one of my recent purchases. I like it, but I think I prefer the strength of Glycoface.

Have a great weekend!!

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Laetitia!

I have his books on order from Amazon. Can't wait to read them, but I worry about finding time.

I love every NB product I'm testing, but I like to use skin care for a month before I write it up. I adore that new enzyme peel - so fast and easy, and it works!

AZ said...

I love Chandler burr! I also majored in chemical engineering so that video was really great. Thanks for the link :) I also have a quick rave for a fragrance and i guess rant for a sales associate. I missed the min sale last weekend and I was really upset. I still wanted to check out some l'artisan fragrances so I went to Henri bendel. Purely by accident they had a 20% off too! So I bought verte violette on a whim after only trying it for an hour. I like it a lot but I kind of disliked the sales associate. Her behavior was exactly the reason why I dislike shopping for high end products in stores. She was ridiculously stuck up. She kept saying how Henri bendel is so much better than Saks and questioned why anyone would ever shop at department stores. I told her I was waiting for the apple store to fix my laptop, out of nowhere she asked me why there are so many Chinese people in the apple store... (I'm Chinese) i mean.. Really?! Then she had the nerve to tell me she's not being racist, she's just curious why the entire race is obsessed with apple. Her words not mine. I contemplated not buying anything because i didn't want her to get any commission if she could.. But 20% was hard to give up so I caved.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi AZ,

So sorry you missed the MiN sale! It won't be the last. Wish I'd known about the Bendel sale. You'd think with all I've ordered, they could have notified me.

As for the sales associate, she sounds like an idiot. Would she have been happier if the customers at Apple had been French? Next time, ask her to call a supervisor, and you can make clear that you wish to buy the product, but not reward the SA. Maybe the SA will connect the dots. However, given that silly remark, probably not. :)