Thursday, March 22, 2012

New: Estée Lauder Pure Color Blush

Estée Lauder has introduced a new generation of cheek color with the new Pure Color Blush ($28). Now our cheeks will be vibrant with fresh, radiant color in an expansive new palette of shades to suit a diverse range of skin tones.

High-performance technology combines with skin-loving ingredients in this ultra-silky, modern powder blush to add instant dimension and glamour to the face, from a soft flush of color to dramatic contours that last all day. Created in collaboration with Estée Lauder’s world-renowned Creative Makeup Director, Tom Pecheux, Pure Color Blush allows women to experience a dynamic new cheek palette of amplified and multi-faceted color with innovative textures and finishes. Cheeks have never been so ready to glow!

There are 16 shades, from bold brights to subtle hues, with a chic, modern point of view that fits seamlessly into the world of Pure Color. The nudes, pinks, peaches, and plums left me with a dilemma. Which to select? I was shopping online had to make some tough decisions. They all looked gorgeous. One of my selections, Alluring Rose, is shown in Estée Lauder's photo directly above.

Pure Color Blush is available in two new finishes that masterfully combine tone and texture. Satin creates a soft, low sheen on the cheeks for "refined luminosity." I like that idea. Shimmer creates maximum-volume shades with prismatic light-reflecting pearls for a sophisticated cheek shimmer. I purchased one shimmer shade, Pink Ingenue, shown directly below (another Estée Lauder photo).

Pure Color Blush’s advanced formula offers the following features and ingredients.
  • Exclusive True Vision Technology wraps concentrated pigments in a crystal-like coating to provide lasting, maximum color impact and enhanced wear.
  • A skin-loving antioxidant complex featuring cranberry and goji berry extracts and “Luminous Optic” technology brings out the cheeks’ inner glow by adding natural radiance and dimension.
  • The lightweight formula dusts skin with a smooth, non-drying, buildable coverage.
The oversized, luxury golden compact provides a generous amount of product for the price. The compact comes with a little contouring brush that was specifically developed for use with the Pure Color Blush formula to provide a radiant, smooth application, maximum adhesion, and the perfect lay-down of buildable color. I'd rather use my Estée Lauder blush brush, but the little brush would do in a pinch.

Here are swatch photos of my new shades, taken with "just enough" sunlight to snap away. I applied each shade moderately heavily with a sponge-tipped applicator. The satin-finish Alluring Rose (#05) is shown at the top of my arm, and the shimmer-finish Pink Ingenue (#13) is shown at the bottom. I really like both of them, even if they aren't exactly what I anticipated from the photos and finish descriptions at the Estée Lauder Web site.

Alluring Rose is a cooler tone than Pink Ingenue. Pink Ingenue has much more brown in it than I had anticipated, but that makes it look extremely natural on my cheeks.

Don't see much shimmer in Pink Ingenue? Neither do I. I have no idea how it was deemed to be a shimmer finish. That may be a good thing. A lot of sparklies on the cheeks can look unnatural.

I'd like to have at least one more Pure Color Blush. I'll be stopping by an Estée Lauder counter to select the third. That way, I can decide by testing whether it will be Mauve Mystique or Peach Passion. You can find these new Pure Color Blushes are all Estée Lauder counters or at the Estée Lauder Web site.

Photos at top courtesy of Estée Lauder; swatch photos by Best Things in Beauty


Clarisse said...

Hi CharlestonGirl!What lovely colors! I tend to prefer Alluring rose but you seem to say Ingenue Rose suits pale skins better? did I get that right? :-)

nikki said...

These are gorgeous!! I swatched them at the store and they were all beautiful! I will have to get a few!!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Clarisse!

Actually, I think you might like Alluring Rose better. Ingenue Rose is the same intensity, but browner.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Nikki!

Let us know what shades you select. I suspect I will end up with both of the two others I want. I am horrible at decisions.

Anonymous said...

These are lovely blushes. I'm glad I went to see them in person,as they are rather pigmented.
I ended up purchasing Brazen Bronze, and I adore it. I want to also get wild sunset. What other colors were you thinking about Charlestongirl?

Clumsy said...

I need to check them, but i must admit i like pink ingenue better but i have no idea which one will suit my skin tone as i am jus a beginner. Thanks!

Leticia - Cosmetics Aficionado said...

That's it. I need some of these lol. I love Estee Lauder cosmetics. I don't think they get enough beauty buzz.

Charlestongirl said...


Mauve Mystique or Peach Passion or both are probably my next buys.

Charlestongirl said...

Clumsy (the name is hilarious),

Go to a counter if you can and try them. Always the best way to select your shade(s), and EL is everywhere.

Charlestongirl said...


There are several brands, including Shiseido, that don't get enough buzz. EL under Pecheux has significantly raised its profile, I think.

I have favorite brands that almost never get covered. Go figure!

sunnlitt said...

I bought Peach Passion last week. I really like it.
I just noticed that it is labeled SHIMMER. I haven't noticed any shimmer at all, just a lovely peachy color on my cheeks.

toughdoc said...

I bought Electric Pink after trying these at the counter. I'm fair and need color for my pasty skin. It's sheer and zero scariness, really great texture and no shimmer at all. I appreciate the big pan of color too, easy to swirl a big blush brush--but I don't like the tiny one that comes in the compact.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Super late comment as I have just come across your page while looking for the new version of my Estée Lauder Mocha Rose blush. I am torn between Sensuous Rose and Alluring Rose!

What do you think?