Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ellen Sirot Hand Perfection Night Solution

Recently I had the privilege - and I definitely mean privilege - to start using Ellen Sirot's Hand Perfection products. Today, I'd like to share with you the "experience" of Hand Perfection Night Solution ($75). This overnight, restorative miracle serum accelerates hand renewal while you sleep.

Did you know that more than half of all women over 30 feel that their hands are aging faster than their faces, hair, or teeth? The skin on our hands is as delicate the the skin on our eyelids, but we constantly exposure our hands to soap and water to avoid bacteria and viruses. On top of that, our hands are exposed to the "elements." Hands have a hard time staying hydrated because they have very few oil glands. They need help!

Hand Perfection Night Solution is not "just another nice hand cream." Night Solution is one of the most luxurious hand creams you'll ever use. For me, the nightly application has taken on all the trappings of a sacred ritual. I look forward to it, and I wait to savor it until after I have given Charlie his Greenies. If I don't, he harasses me, and I want my hand treatment time to be perfect and calming - a short, but perfect end to the day.

The first thing I noticed about Hand Perfection Night Solution is how soft and velvety it feels. It's a white cream, dispensed in a container like my favorite MEG 21 face creams. The jar is designed to keep the product sanitary - no finger dipping to get it out. You press down on the white disk at the top, and, depending on how much pressure you put on the disk, out pops an application through the center airless pump. The directions say to gently massage a pearl-sized drop into the back of your hands every night for maximum benefit. So, that's what I did the first time. It felt so good, so luxuriously velvety, that I applied a second application, applying the cream to the undersides of my hands as well. At the rate I'm using it, I'll probably run out of it before I should - but I'm so happy. That matters for something!

The dry-down is quick. Night Solution will leave your hands feeling soft, but not gooey or greasy. I go to sleep feeling like I've got the softest hands on earth, and my hands look and feel hydrated in the morning. I haven't used it long enough to see my sun spots disappear, but they are lighter than they were when I started using it.

Night Solution is packed with proven, high-quality anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients. It's quite a cocktail for your hands. Maybe that's why it's so addictive.
  • Grapeseed oil is an omega 3 that contains resveratrol that helps nourish and protect the delicate skin on your hands
  • "Advanced Moisturizing Complex" (glycerin, sodium PCA, urea, and trehalose) helps attract and lock in moisture and protect skin from damage
  • Hyaluronic acid helps smooth and plump skin, sealing in moisture. Hyaluronic acid is a key ingredient found in the best, most expensive facial skin care, and it's just as effective on our hands as it is on our faces.
  • Licorice root extract helps lighten dark spots and age spots; it also has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Lactobionic acid is a milk-derived exfoliant that increases cell turnover
  • Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps reverse past damage, soothes the skin, and fights free radicals
  • Carageenan red algae extract is easily absorbed to soften and soothe skin with its anti-irritant and antibacterial properties.
  • N-Acetyl D glucosamine holds in moisture, helping to plump and firm the skin
Hand Perfection products do not contain parabens, sulfates, petroleum by-products, or fragrances, and they are not tested on animals. How perfect does it get?

I'm sure many of you know that Ellen Sirot is a world-famous hand model. For 20 years, Ellen Sirot’s ageless hands have earned her acclaim as the “supermodel of hands.” Her hands have appeared in countless advertising campaigns and every major fashion and beauty magazine. Her hands have even "played a hand," standing in for the hands of A-list celebrities and TV personalities, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Hilary Swank, and Rachael Ray. I'd bet that you have seen Ellen's hands, even if you don't recognize her name.

Hand models must protect their hands, so Ellen spent a year looking for the most moisturizing ingredients available to develop her own systematic approach to hand care. She was determined to make her hands the best they could be - to turn back the "hands of time" in no time. The result? Ellen's hands were transformed into smooth, radiant, and flawless hands, with no age spots, freckles, crepey skin, or bulging veins.

These days, Ellen is sharing her hand care know-how with others through the launch of her own product line, Hand Perfection. The comprehensive, solution-oriented line of age-proofing hand care is grounded in dynamic ingredients and exceptional technologies - painstakingly researched and handpicked by Ellen herself.

In 2009, 30 women, aged 35 to 65, participated in a study to test the effectiveness of two Hand Perfection products. The results were extraordinary. Once you start using Hand Perfection products, you'll gain a "first-hand" understanding of the remarkable improvement those women experienced. I've used Night Solution long enough to see a difference, but not nearly long enough, given that I consider it a keeper. I never want to be without it. I will be ordering it (my first jar was provided gratis). I just wish I could purchase a gigunda size - four times the regular size - since I'm sure will use more than I need. It feels so good, I can't help myself.

I have other products from Hand Perfection to introduce to you - and I will soon. There's a special offer for you, so I need to share it with you now. As we start our holiday shopping, the nice folks at Hand Perfection have offered us a discount, which will be valid through December 31! Use code 20BEAUTY for a 20% discount off your entire order at Ellen Sirot's Hand Perfection Web site. You are going to love whatever you purchase. Just make sure to buy something for yourself if you are gift shopping. Hand Perfection is a treat you shouldn't miss.

Photo courtesy of Hand Perfection


Marley's Mom said...

How compelling! Thanks again for making me spend money. lol

MarciaF said...

Beauty Story will be featuring Ellen Sirot Hand Perfection this week. I think it's Wednesday. It's an amazing line.

Charlestongirl said...

It is tomorrow, Marcia! Thanks for reminding us!

Marley's Mom - thank you. Try it - I can wholeheartedly recommend it.