Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nordstrom Paint the Town Beautiful Show Recap

Do you like crowds? If you do, you'd love the Nordstrom Beauty Trends Show. Imagine 800 women assembled to see the latest and greatest in the world of beauty at Paint the Town Beautiful. Imagine most of them leaping out of their chairs or waving their arms in the air every time the energetic mistress of ceremonies, Nordstrom's beauty guru Julianne De'Chaump, hints that she's going to give something away. The spectacle is more interesting than most of the short presentations.

Now imagine packing them all into the Nordstrom Beauty Department after the show. Imagine that you can't get through the aisles to actually buy products without rubbing elbows with countless women, some of whom block those aisles to get a free sample of something they may never use. Imagine pandemonium, and you've got an idea what this morning's Beauty Trends show and aftermath were like at Nordstrom Tysons Corner Center. There has to be a better way. I don't know why I keep punishing myself by going; I guess it's the spectacle that intrigues me.

Did I learn anything? Not much. That comes with being a "jaded beauty blogger," I guess. I knew most of the products that were introduced. I did find the models a blast to watch (walking with confidence in six-inch heels), and there were a few presentations that were especially good - either because they were informative or energetic.

I love Pamela Morgan from Guerlain, and she did a great job of explaining Abeille Royale, Guerlain's latest anti-aging serum, and Or Impérial, a spray-on highlighting powder. I may have to take a second look at Or Impérial. Pamela said it smells like candied violets. I avoided it the first time I saw it because Guerlain's skin care is so heavily fragranced, and some of the products smell like Shalimar. Now I want to sniff candied violets.

I don't wear red lipstick. My coloring is so fair, it's too dramatic for me. Nevertheless, I thought Lancome's Red Stiletto lipstick was gorgeous on the model - the perfect shade of red for me, with just a slight hint of blue. Manuel "Manny" Villegas, Lancome National Makeup Artist, described it as the perfect red. Maybe I'll reconsider.

Dr. Perricone's two lovely representatives, Rene Marshall and Jane Meredith, are always a delight. Nordstrom should have given them more time to explain Perricone's philosophy of nutrition, supplements, and topical skin care to stay forever young (the title of his latest book). The arm-waving audience seemed largely unacquainted with Perricone skin care (but then some of the gals there were about 12 years old - no kidding).

"The guys" had two of the most energetic appearances. Timber Gooding from Smashbox presented the Make a Wish Collection for Holiday 2010. I've featured it recently, and I love it. I'll bet some of the sets sold out today. Bobby Moser from Trish McEvoy told us about the latest in makeup. He also mentioned that makeup brushes #41 and #11 were among the most popular of McEvoy's well-regarded brushes. That was worth jotting down for later.

What did I purchase? Surprisingly, M∙A∙C! During my quick shopping scan after the show, I was drawn to three sets from the A Tartan Tale: two eye shadow palettes (Six Dashing Lassie Eye Shadows, shown at left, and Six Reelers & Rockers Eye Shadows) and The Swinging Violets Mineralize Kit, which is a Nordstrom exclusive. I liked the Blush Face Kits too, but they were sold out. I shopped online and ordered them when I got home. I'll show you my M∙A∙C purchases over the next few days.

Will I go to another Beauty Trends Show? I doubt it. I think the novelty has worn off. I like to shop without chaos! Would I encourage you to attend one? Sure! Go with your friends, have breakfast when the show ends, and go back to shop once a few hundred women have cleared out of Nordstrom.

Photos courtesy of the, Nordstrom, and M∙A∙C


MarciaF said...

I've stopped going to the Trend Shows. At first I really enjoyed them but like you I've seen so much by now. Also I worked them for a few seasons and being on my feet in that pressurized situation got even more tiring. They are fun though for people who are newer to the cosmetic world.

I'm wearing the MAC Dashing Lassies palette today. I'm finding some pretty combinations with it. If you have Burberry Taupe Brown it works well with the palette too.

Charlestongirl said...

Cool! Thanks, Marcia!

I am looking forward to playing with it. I swatched with my fingers at the store and found the shades much prettier on skin than they are in the palette.

Deb said...

Thank you SO much for your honest assessment of the trend show. I went to my first one a few weeks ago in Philadelphia and felt the same way. It would have been MUCH better if there would have been a goody bag with lots of samples to reward us for getting up so early (I hear that used to be the rule). Without that, it's just annoying. Loving the blog, by the way.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Deb,

You're right! They used to give you a goodie bag when you got there. Saturday, they offered me the cheapest, ugliest, black plastic bag I've seen in a long time. I turned it down. Not very classy! The only sample they had on the way in was a Jo Malone fragrance vial.

Thanks for the blog comment!