Thursday, November 4, 2010

YSL Palette Metallic Colorama Face Highlighter for Holiday 2010

While shopping extravagantly during Sephora's Friends & Family event, I saw YSL's new, limited-edition Palette Metallic Colorama Face Highlighter - Pearly Finish ($65). The description promised a shimmering, pink champagne powder for the face and décolletage. Because YSL had taken care to add "pearly finish" to its name, I was reassured that it wouldn't be glittery or shimmering to the point of micro-glitter. My faith was rewarded!

This light, neutral pink finishing powder is beautiful. If you need a pearly glow and want to achieve it with a powder over your moisturizer or foundation, you might want to give this one a chance. I am very glad I purchased it.

The compact was inspired by the YSL Belle de Jour Metallic Colorama accessories collection, adorned with the same couture metallic effect and the selvedge YSL logo. The compact is housed in a faux leather case that's a pretty rose gold, and it has a mirror in case you apply your powder "on the go."

There's no way to get a photo of the shade on my skin. It blends right in, leaving only a trace of warm pink. The shade is not a sweet, baby-doll pink. It's very neutral, which means that it should work for anyone with light-to-medium skin who would like to brighten up with a pink tone, but not one that will stand out as pink. The color in YSL's photo at the top of this feature is accurate.

If you run your finger across the powder, you can see that it shimmers, but it's not sparkly. That's with a heavy application. When applied with a powder brush, it adds a subtle glow. That makes it perfect for those who want to add a highlighting powder, but don't want to look like a disco ball.

Sephora's Friends & Family event ended last night. Reader Eileen alerted us that Sephora has sent out notices to some of their VIBs (not me, though - I'm getting a complex) announcing another discount event exclusive to their VIBs. I did a quick Web search and found that the palette is also available at Nordstrom, so you should check your local YSL counter to see it if you don't have a Sephora nearby.

Photos courtesy of Sephora and Nordstrom


Miss Brahms said...

Though I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Touche Eclat, other than that, I am a recent YSL cosmetics fan - never really had the chance to play with the cosmetics before actually working in a store that sells them! I have to say that I truly love the gemtone colors that YSL routinely features in their shadow quads, eyeliners and even the mascaras! Their #10 Mascara is a rich burgundy, which shows off green and golden brown eyes magnificently. My favorite new YSL obsession, though, is the Touche Brilliant lip gloss - LOVE IT. There are several shades of it, ranging from just the sparkle/shimmer to fuschia, mauve, nude, red - you name it. My favorite trick with this click-brush pen (much like the Touche Eclat) is to brush the pale pink pen over my browny-nude lip - it adds an incandescence, not sticky, no goo or gluey residue. It just adds a hint of color and a bit of sparkle. It is available at most YSL counters.

Charlestongirl said...

Miss Brahms,

Check out the new Yves Saint Laurent TOUCHE D'OR Golden Touch Highlighter for the Face - totally gorgeous. I'll review it as soon as I can get a swatch photo. It's love!

Miss Brahms said...

Oooooooh!!! sounds like my bag, c-girl!!! I await the review.