Sunday, November 14, 2010

Verizon Continues to Disappoint

Just a quick note. Since late last week, when Verizon apparently installed what it considered new, improved spam detection, it has been blocking e-mails to me from my own blog (your comments) and my daily feed. If you have Verizon e-mail, you probably did not receive my e-mail feed today, although if you collect spam messages in your Verizon spam detector box (not your e-mail client), you will find it there.

I spent three hours on the phone with tech support (you will note the lower case) yesterday, and I was owed an escalation call today that never came. Why am I not surprised?

If you have Verizon e-mail, it's best not to call tech support. You will spend endless amounts of time trying to explain to someone who knows less than you do that they are suddenly flagging e-mails as spam that are not spam. If you go to Verizon Central, you will find that you can e-mail Support. Tell them that you are not receiving legit e-mails.

I partially fixed my own problem temporarily today by setting up the e-mail of my messages ( as a "contact" in Verizon Central e-mail. You can do that too. In the meantime, about all I can suggest is that you set up a Gmail account. The service is much better at detecting real spam, and you will get the e-mails you wish to get.

Update late evening 11/15: They still have not returned my escalation call.


Divadebbi said...

I;m sorry you are having such difficulties! I hope you receive my condolences and get things resolved with Verizon soon! I know your subscribers want to hear from you whenever you post!!!

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Debbi! I thought I had resolved everything by putting my feed and comments e-mails in my contact list at Verizon (that took about a half-day to diagnose), but they are still sticking the e-mails in spam detector.

What's the most frustrating is that you can't reach an intelligent human being. This could be fixed so easily if anyone at Verizon cared that they had implemented defective software without notice.