Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weekend Roundup - November 6

Body, hands, hair, skin care, and makeup. No need to look any further to get your beauty fix from head to toe!

The smoky eye look continues, and Gaia from The Non-Blonde shared the quality Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics eye shadow colors to help create a gorgeous look.

Sabrina from The Beauty Look Book showed us the new Dolce & Gabbana Ethereal Beauty Collection. Is this best for holiday or resort? You be the judge.

Charlestongirl (yes, me!) from Best Things in Beauty has a new stunner of a gloss. See if I think the new Stila 24kt Gloss lives up to its golden name.

Worried about germs and all the illnesses you can catch? Kari from Fab over Forty found an organic hand sanitizer that works without drying out your skin.

Do you encounter breakouts when you get out of your normal routine? Laurie from Product Girl tried Vorte Vu Au Revoir Trouble Spot Treatment. See if it worked for her.

Surfing beauty Web sites can be a learning experience. Kelly from Gouldylox Reviews tested Wen Re-Moist Hydrating Hair Mask after seeing Wen on QVC. See what she thinks about the results.

Looking to add a little pizazz to your look? Kristin from BeautyXposé showed us some fun nail polishes for fall to give you the "it" factor.

Debbi from DivaDebbi has a "Don't sweat the small stuff" mantra. Not sweating means cellulite, though. See if Avon Anew's Cellulite Slimming Treatment worked for her.

Jane from Daly Beauty had a wonderful interview with fashion designer, Rachel Sin. See what her beauty must-haves are in this insightful interview.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Photo of a Gene Davis painting


Charlestongirl said...

Everyone, my mother suffered something like a stroke yesterday. We are not sure yet what happened. The CT scan showed nothing abnormal, so she will be having an MRI this morning. She currently has impaired cognitive function.

I am headed back to the hospital soon (my sister stayed there all night after flying back into town on the first flight back she could get).

Kari wrote our roundup, even though it was my turn, and I can't tell you enough what a good friend she is. My fellow bloggers are a caring bunch of friends. Please go read their posts!

I'll put up a progress report on Mom later.

Miss Brahms said...

Your post reminded me of what is truly important in life...and the transitory nature of life itself. I will be thinking about you and your mom today while I am on the sales floor - trying to make people feel a little bit superficially better about themselves by selling them a new lipstick! You never know why a customer comes in for help - the other day, I had a husband and wife come in for some cosmetics for the wife, and the husband was grouchily joking with her about the price, and the look she gave him was pure love. She whispered to me that he was going in to the hospital the next day for triple bypass surgery....and she wanted to look good in the Cardiac Care unit for the long hours and days of waiting by his side. I threw in a ton of little travel sizes and samples in the bag and told her that I understood, and wished them both the best. Sometimes the little things can help get you through an awful time.
Good luck, and God Bless.

Eileen said...

Don't worry about your blog. We all understand that the very last thing you need to be doing at this time is blogging. Hopefully, though, you'll find a bit of time to read the good wishes and heartfelt concern that we are sending your way and know that our prayers are with you, your sister, and your mom.

Charlestongirl said...

Those thoughts and prayers worked! Mom did not have a stroke, and she started to recover this afternoon. The CT scan and MRI cleared her of stroke, so they are now sure that an incredibly high blood pressure caused the brain tissues to start to shut down. The symptoms are much the same as stroke.

She has made a remarkable recovery this afternoon and just finished eating lunch! With vigor. We need to figure out what/how this happened, but the outcome so far is fabulous.

Thank you again for all your sweet messages.

Liliana said...

I am really happy for you that your Mom recovered- hope everything is for the best, now she will get preventive treatment, most probably.

MarciaF said...

I'm very relieved for you and wish her continued good health.

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you, Miss Brahms, Eileen, Liliana, and Marcia! I'm so relieved - and tired. :)

Liz said...

Charlestongirl, I'm so glad your mom is improvimg! I'm sendimg good thoughts her way for that happy trend to continue.

Leigh said...

So glad to hear of your mom's recovery - - - you're lucky to have her around! When I lost my mom, I felt like I'd finally grown up (or maybe, HAD TO grow up!).

Hugs and all the best for all of you - -

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you, Liz and Leigh!

We took her home last night. On today's agenda is: 1) buying a better at-home BP device, and 2) getting her in to see her doctor.

She was a little forgetful and confused when we went home. I'm not sure what that's about, except that I know that happens to the elderly when they have been taken out of their normal environment/routine for a few days.