Thursday, November 18, 2010

Maybelline The Falsies Volum'Express Mascara

I jumped at the chance to try a new Maybelline mascara when The Falsies Volum'Express ($7.77) was introduced during the summer. I love - totally love - Maybelline's Define-A-Lash mascara, and I expected great things from The Falsies. After many weeks of on-and-off testing, I've concluded The Falsies is a nice enough volumizing mascara, but not a great one. I'm sticking with Define-A-Lash. At roughly the same price, why would anyone buy the newest one when they can have a great Maybelline mascara?

I toyed with not mentioning The Falsies. I don't enjoy writing features about products I can't recommend. Then I realized that I could save you the trouble of buying it to try it. I wouldn't use a tester of a mascara for any reason, but I know many women do at department stores. You can't test at a drug store. Most of the chain drug stores (e.g., CVS) will accept returns of used beauty products, but why bother when you know another mascara is better? Besides that, in my area, customer service at CVS has evaporated this year - must be tough times for them.

I have to start my description with the curved brush, which is intended to mimic the curve of your lashes and sweep them from root to tip. It doesn't. That's a tall order anyhow since all of us have eyelids that are different in size and contour. The brush is big, klunky, and hard to use. I find myself using the tip more often than not. Forget using the brush on your lower lashes. I have to apply mascara to mine - they are so blond they are missing in action if I don't. I can't use the brush on my lower lashes unless I use only the tip. There's too much clean-up to do.

Maybelline says you'll love The Falsies mascara because...
  • It has the patented spoon brush. In my opinion, the brush is the greatest drawback to the mascara.
  • The Kera-fiber formula instantly builds eight times more volume without clumping. This is true to some extent. I'm not sure about eight times; that would be excessive. I can tell you that it adds very nice volume that lasts all day and doesn't flake off. Maybelline also says it fills in the gaps between your lashes; that's just plain scary. It is volumizing - nicely so - but it doesn't create a shelf over your eyes.
  • The unique flexible wand helps to lift and separate lashes to provide the look of 300% more lashes. There's that wand again. If that's its greatest feature, forget it!
  • It's ophthalmologist tested and safe for contact lens wearers. What mascara isn't ophthalmologist tested these days? As for contact lens wearers, I can tell you that it didn't bother mine at all.
The Falsies Volum'Express is available in black, very black, and brown. I bought very black and black. I haven't even opened the black one.

I can't figure out why mass market beauty retailers who already have fabulous mascaras keep rolling out new ones. CoverGirl does the same thing. They have a winning mascara, but tweak it and introduce a new one. Are we so fickle that we need to try a new mascara every month? I try new ones so that I can tell you about great ones. I do have a great one to tell you about (high-end, of course). The Falsies isn't it. Try Define-A-Lash. It's available in volume and lengthening formulas.

You can purchase this mascara, if you can't stand the suspense, at mass market retailers everywhere.

Photo at top courtesy of Maybelline


Sharon Cullen said...

I LOVE the Falsies mascara. Its my favorite and I have 8 mascaras in my arsenal ranging from $30 to $8. Falsies is by far the best volumizing I have. I get tons of compliments and a lot of people asking if I'm wearing false eyelashes. I do agree that the brush isn't all that great but I use it backwards--applying with the bowed end instead of the spooned end. I haven't had any problems with applying it on my bottom lashes but I notoriously use the tips of the wands to apply to the bottom lashes no matter what the brand.

While this product didn't work for you, and I totally respect your opinion, it does work really well for me.

Definitely worth the $8.99 price tag, IMO.

Miss Brahms said...

Charlestongirl - which type of brush spoolie do you prefer for application - the nylon spoolie, as in Great Lash and all the original formulations, or the newer silicone comb/brush that Cover Girl and L'Oreal Telescopic use? Is there, in your opinion, a difference? I was discussing this on the sales floor of my store with some product specialists of various cosmetic brands, and one opined that the difference betweeen mascaras is all in the application of it - i.e., how you handle the brush, not the brush itself. Others said it was the formula - whether wax, silicone, etc. I think you are the expert, what say you? Mascara is one of those desert island necessities - and a source of fierce customer loyalty. One of my favorite new mascaras I've recently tried is Lancome's Hypnose Drama Volumizing mascaras - it really amplified my ho-hum lashes and made a customer whisper - 'are those real?" Meaning my lashes, of course! :)
I also love the Faux Cils Effet mascara by Yves Saint Laurent - the gemtone colors like burgundy, royal blue and navy blue offered can really, really make your eyes pop. As far as drugstore cosmetics, I liked L'Oreal's Double Extend Beauty Tubes -it featured a silicone coating and primer to prevent flaking for those with sensitive eyes.
But you are right regarding the customer service issues at CVS - lucky if you can find anything in stock these days.
Anyway - mascara favorites and why please? ;)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Sharon,

The problem with The Falsies IS the wand/brush, not the mascara itself, which is voluminizing, as promised (I think I mentioned that). Maybelline assumed (as do others making curved brushes) that all women have the same size and shape eyes. Once size fits all. Not! If it works for you, fabulous!!

Unfortunately, I want to use more than the tip of a brush. (I did try your method right off the bat, and it works OK to use the spoon backwards.)

The volumizing properties of Maybelline's Define-A-Lash in the dark red tube are just as good as The Falsies, and the brush (straight and thin) is fabulous.

I ended up saving a Define-A-Lash wand and using it with The Falsies. The mascara itself works nicely! It's too bad the DAL wand won't screw on to The Falsies Tube, or I'd be in business. I do expect, though, the total package for $8.00.

I am glad you love it! That's what it's all about, I guess - a mascara for everyone. :)

MarciaF said...

Mascara is the hardest product to recommend. What works fabulous on some is awful for others. Define-a-Lash is one of my favorite drugstore ones too so I recommend it but I know friends who hated it. I've read pros and cons about The Falsies.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Marcia! You've got that right. Not sure how anyone can hate Define-A-Lash, though. :)

Miss Brahms, I should write a feature on mascaras, their ingredients, properties, and performance. The problem is that I can't try them all.

I don't agree with the SAs who say that the only difference in mascaras is the application technique. Some require layering/building, some don't...some clump, some don't...and so on. Le Metier's mascara doesn't have some of the nasty ingredients others have. Some have fibers in them - still!

Speaking of brands, I love Clinique mascaras. There are many different ones - something for everyone. Why do I love them? Because they are just as good as other department store mascaras that cost a lot more.

One thing I really want to purchase at the drug store is mascara; the price is right! I can throw one away after a month's use when I only pay $8. I'm sure everyone would agree that if you can find your mascara match at a drug store, you'll be a happy camper. Sharon likes the volume The Falsies provides (it's good - maybe not 8x volumizing like Maybelline says, but definitely good). I like volume too, but I'm more interested in length first, volume second. I can't deal with clumps. And I want the wand to work! That's really important to me - to get the full package in one tube.

We all have our preferences, getting back to Marcia's comment. :)

Charlestongirl said...

One remark I should have left about volume relates to our individuality. :)

Some women are blessed with more lashes than others - or they are using a lash conditioner that's helping their lashes stay full and lush. The properties of mascaras will be different for women with lots of lashes vs. those whose lashes are not as plentiful. If I were in the latter camp, I would have to reverse my preferences for length first, volume second. I'm lucky, I think - and I am using a lash growth product (not Latisse!).

I love Sharon's comment that she gets tons of compliments and also questions about false lashes. That means she's got lashes! Wouldn't that make a great slogan? "She's got lashes!" Hmmm...

Sharon Cullen said...

Hmmm. Now you all have me curious. I'm going to have to try the Define-A-Lash.

Just what I need, ANOTHER mascara! LOL. I'm a mascara junkie!!!

Charlestongirl said...

Join the junkies, Sharon! Please let us know how you like it. I'm thinking I need to figure out how to do a poll with open-ended answers to find out which mascaras readers are using - and loving. :)

Miss Brahms said...

I think you should definitely do a column on mascaras - do a survey! I know many people that love Dior Show but I cannot stand it. I have very sensitive eyes and can't have the drier formulas flaking into my eyes during the day - it renders them bloodshot and irritated.
I used to work in a drugstore and tried many of them - L'Oreal formulations were always my favorite - from the Voluminous to the Telescopic, to my all-time favorite for sensitive eyes, Beauty Tubes. Maybelline is owned by L'Oreal, and I did like some of their formulations, but Great Lash I always found too messy for me to apply - but I am usually putting my mascara on in a hurry, and the brush is short - you have to have patience, especially around your eye area!