Tuesday, November 30, 2010

YSL Ombres 5 Lumières in Tawny

YSL's Ombres 5 Lumières (5 Colour Harmony for Eyes) in Tawny ($56) grabbed me on Friday, even though one of the shades is orange! After asking last Friday who would or could wear orange on their eyelids, I found an irresistible palette that includes an orange shade.

This palette isn't brand new, although I chose to test it because the YSL rep had put it front and center with the holiday collection. I might have skipped by it if I hadn't already seen it on my friend (see below). The golden shades in the palette are gorgeous. The orange? Even I can wear it blended, as I'll show you.

YSL Beauté's Ombres 5 Lumière palettes have five monochrome eyeshadow colors. Each palette holds four luminous, alluring shades of varying intensity and finish - matte, shiny, pearly, or iridescent - and one highlighter. The highlighter is the magic touch, to lighten and widen the look instantly, while the deepest brown color should be used to structure, define, or line the eyes.

From the most natural style to the most sophisticated, the shades in YSL's palettes always coordinate nicely to create a perfect look. You can explore numerous interpretations of color and endless changing effects with these versatile Ombres 5 Lumières palettes - and I am still playing with this one. "Straight up" or blended, you'll find these colors gorgeous on your eyelids. I wore a blend to work yesterday. The shimmer works for day, which is nice since I spend so much time working.

I had seen an artist-finished look of #3, Tawny, on a friend with very similar coloring. She had a golden-bronze smoky eye that day, and it was gorgeous! I resisted for awhile, but finally surrendered and bought the palette. The shades in Tawny include a shimmering golden orange (yes, it's orange to my eye, although some would call it copper), shimmering ivory (in center), shimmering peach, shimmering gold, and shimmering chocolate brown. The palette comes with two double-ended sponge applicators, in case you find yourself without a brush.

At right is a swatch photo of the five shades. At the top, you'll see the orange shade (top left in the palette). I swatched clockwise, ending with the gorgeous highlighting shade in the center. All of the shades will make you a golden goddess, except possibly the orange shade. That will depend on your coloring. I can't wear the orange shade unless I blend it with one of the other shades. Blended, though, with the gold shade below it in the palette, it's gorgeous. Check out the blended swatch below. I created my own shade, and I think it's beautiful. You can create the same effect by blending it with the central highlighting shade.

Both of my photos were taken in full sun. I applied each shade "strip" fairly heavily with a sponge-tipped applicator. You can see the range of gold, from light, yellow gold shades to golden brown and golden orange. The orange shade has so much gold in it, it's perfectly wearable for many, unlike some of the DayGlo colors you can find in the "orange" range.

You can purchase this palette at YSL's Web site and get a discount through today, November 30! Use code FRIENDS at checkout for a 20% discount. There's free shipping at YSL too. You can also find it at YSL counters at the best department stores and Sephora. I bought mine at Neiman Marcus, which was fairly silly given YSL Friends & Family, but I'm sure you'll understand how the "want it now thing" happens when makeup shopping.

Photo at top courtesy of Sephora


Miss Brahms said...

I am always pleasantly surprised by YSL's colors - I love the jewel-like tones and the confection-like texture of the finely milled pigments in the eye shadows. Whenever I feel like a little glamour, I always sidle over to the YSL counter and play with the shadows and mascaras. Next week at Neiman's there will be a gift with purchase for In Circle at the YSL counter, so be sure to visit your local Neiman's counter if you need a glamour makeover for the holiday!

Eileen said...

I bought Tawny about three years ago and, although I don't wear it as much now as I did then (time marches on), I still pull it out now and then during the summer and during the holiday season. Even though it's quite old, the formula has held up well and the shadows still apply reasonably smooth and even although I believe it's probably time to say goodbye to this particular one.

Last winter I had an appointment at the YSL counter with the visiting MA. I asked her to do something dramatic as I was going to a formal affair and would be wearing a black, long-sleeved evening dress with bold gold cuffs and earrings. She did a beautiful, rich look with--Tawny! And, yes, she did use the orange on me :-) When I told her I already owned the palette, she laughed and said, "Well, I guess we just saved you some money." I don't know about that! I left the counter with a new foundation, lipstick, and blush in hand.

Charlestongirl said...

I got a chuckle out of that, Eileen! The MUAs all love this palette - so much so that they keep putting it on display as "new."

I rejected it without trying it many times. The orange turned me off. Then I saw it expertly applied on my friend, and I jumped. It makes such a pretty eye for the holidays - and the golds will work any time of year.

Given your coloring, as you described it, I have to think it's gorgeous on you! Wasn't it nice that you didn't have to spend the additional $56 that day?

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Miss Brahms,

YSL is indeed a nice place to play, especially when you have a rep who is also a great MUA!