Saturday, September 26, 2009

Armani Beauty Master Class - What Fun! Helpful Hints from Loyd

We had an "evening out" with Loyd Cassler, left, and Giannina Davis, standing in photo below, our friends from the Saks Armani Beauty Team! Six gal pals met after work Thursday at Saks in Chevy Chase, Maryland to learn and play in a private setting away from the sales floor, with all kinds of goodies to eat and drink. We had a blast! I think it was really cool that everyone showed up for work the next day wearing their new makeup and lookin' good.

The class took about two hours. During that time, Loyd stepped us through the whole routine - from skin care to the finishing touches. Each table had lots of brushes and other essentials (like cotton swabs) - and all the skin care and makeup you could need to "get pretty," no matter what your skin tone. We were a challenging class, I'm sure, with half African American, two pale faces (Libbie and me), and a medium-toned brunette, spanning all age groups.

Loyd demonstrated each step, using one of us as a model (alternating so everyone got a turn), and the rest of us followed his lead. I think Loyd's been holding out on me - I even learned something!

I'll share a little of what we learned at the class. You apply the Crema Nera Mineral Soothing Lotion with your hands! No cotton pads - just pour a few drops in your palm, rub your hands together, and blot the lotion onto your face. Good grief...I've been using it the wrong way!! You actually apply the Crema Nera Reviving Eye Cream over your concealer and/or foundation, patting it under your eyes. This allows the cream to do its thing - adding its reflecting properties without impediments. Amazing how that lights up your eyes. I watched Loyd do the same with a lovely redhead the next day, during the "Tim Quinn" Beauty Week event, and her whole look brightened. Very cool!

Armani Beauty makes fabulous makeup brushes, and I have them all. Loyd recommended that budget-conscious beauty addicts buy two Blender Brushes and use one for foundation and concealer (or Fluid Sheer) and the other for eye shadows or blusher. That's all you really need if you want to go minimal. Wash them as needed or once/week.

We worked with the Maestro Eye Shadow Quads, which are so flexible. Your skin tone determines the results. I have to admit, though, that we pale faces were coveting the way #3 (Earth) looked on our dark-skinned friends. Everyone in the class was impressed with the new Eyes to Kill Mascara, which lengthens and separates lashes magnificently.

One of my favorite products, Fluid Sheer, surprised everyone. Rouge (#4) is a great, sheer blusher no matter what your skin tone. Fluid Sheer can be a highlighter, bronzer, foundation "corrector," blusher - you name it. Use it under, over, or mixed with your foundation, or use it alone. And the beige-toned Lip Shimmers (#45 and #57) were quite a hit. Everyone liked the more neutral lip with a fancy eye.

As much as I would like to tell you we were privileged, the Amani Beauty counter at Saks Chevy Chase (and also at some other Saks stores) will set up a master class for you. Find out, and if your store is as good to you as ours is, grab your friends and make a date!


Joy said...

I am sending you my e-mail. Will you invite me to the next class? Please?


Charlestongirl said...

Absolutely yes, Joy! I'll keep your e-mail. May be a few months.