Friday, September 4, 2009

Sisley Supremÿa - More Information - More Tempting

Last night, I attended a Sisley master class at Neiman Marcus at Tysons Galleria. Our instructor was Anita Bahramy, a young, beautiful lady with gorgeous skin. If she's an example of the results we can achieve with Sisley products, I'm there!

Even though there were tempting Sisley makeup testers scattered about, we focused on skin care. The attendees were all interested in ingredients, effectiveness, and results, and Anita delivered. She was able to answer our questions with ease - obviously, she knows her product line.

We got right to the latest big thing, Supremya ($750). Supremya is meant to be used at night, when our skin cells have an opportunity to rest and regenerate, without stress, light, or other environmental assaults. Our handout said that when we are young, the natural repair mechanisms of cells in the basal layer of the skin are able to handle what life throws at them. As we age, the skin's natural capacity to repair itself diminishes, slowing cell reproduction and making damaged cells less capable of defensive maneuvers. The result? Wrinkles, along with loss of suppleness, firmness, and/or radiance.

Supremya "pushes back the skin's genetically programmed clock," allowing cells to function at "full capacity." Supremya is made up of "Photo-Complex LC12 and the benefits of 25 synergistic anti-aging actions in the highest concentration ever designed by Sisley." Because there is a patent-pending, they still won't tell me what's in Phyto-Complex LC12 (Lengevity Concentrate 12h).

The premise for its effectiveness is that the complex increases cellular communication to boost synthesis of longevity proteins and heat shock proteins, two components vital to the preservation of cellular DNA and regeneration. Supreyma doubles the life span of cells, increases their capacity to resist environmental assault, and prompts them to create new, healthy cells at an accelerated rate.

Here is what our handout said we could expect.
  • Cell life span doubled (makes cells live 60% longer) and capacity to resist stress and self-repair increased "considerably"
  • Sixty percent decrease in the number of calls destroyed by UVB radiation
  • Cellular DNA preserved, and dermal/epidermal exchange increased
  • Evident improvement in the density and texture of the dermis
  • Younger, firmer, smoother, and more luminous skin
  • Better protection against life's daily aggressions (I don't think they mean other drivers on the road)
I got another sample - yea! Here's what I can tell you about my use of the last sample. After squandering it by using it all over my face for a few nights, leaving me with little to evaluate, I started using it only around my mouth. This is where I feel I could use the most help. It only takes a very small amount - you massage it into your wrinkled areas if you only have a tiny amount to test (if you have the full-sized product, you use it on face and neck). After one week, I am sure that the downturned wrinkles at the corners of my mouth are not as deep. I really can't believe it, but I can see the results. So, will I be springing for this $750 wonder? Almost certainly, yes!

You can learn more about the product at Sisley's Web site and, of course, at Best Things in Beauty. I'll be featuring more Sisley products in September.

Photo courtesy of Sisley.

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