Sunday, September 20, 2009

Do Advertisements Attract You to Purchase?

Another Rant and Rave Post

Advertisements send strong messages. They are meant to rope in customers and sell products. There is a current Gucci bag I have never seen in person, but it's a "kill-for" item. Unfortunately, I can't afford a purse that costs close to $3,000, and I have finally learned that it won't hold its value like jewelry does.

I was browsing through the October Elle and here's my list of the "best and worst" from the first few pages. My criteria? The best make my eyes linger. I look at the model and the product, and I quickly judge the effect. I get the "I wants." The worst are usually sex-themed or kinky, include nudity, and are, in my opinion, trashy - even when they are for expensive products. Am I becoming a curmudgeon?

The Louis Vuittton ads are just plain silly. Green hair, green eyelashes, celebrity seduction...for a purse?

What caught my eye about the D&G clothing ad is that it didn't flaunt sex this time. There's a minor peek-a-boo, but it is inoffensive and shows vivid purple - a color of the season. At least I wasn't offended.

Who wouldn't want a Bottega Veneta gown after seeing the gorgeous models, so elegantly attired and ready for the ball?

Guess, on the other hand, assumes women leave the house with their shirts unbuttoned to the navel, breasts exposed, and S&M hardware. If I had a teen daughter, I would ground her if she emulated this look!

Donna Karan continues to prove her slogan: "For a woman, by a woman." What class! What wearable clothes! I have never found them to fit me without tailoring (I do not have womanly curves despite my age), but I have always admired them.

Dolce & Gabbana cosmetics featuring Scarlett Johansson? The ads do not inspire me. Sorry, Scarlet, you're a talented actress, but your pose in a corset lying on a leopard fabric have no relationship with my life.

Bvlgari? Gorgeous, elegant, beautiful woman (with false eyelashes), but still enticing.

Hugo Boss - ditto without the funky lashes. You can see yourself wearing these clothes.

Chloe? Who lives Little House on the Prairie? Ruffles are in, but if you wore one of these getups to anything but a fashion victim theme party, you would draw stares.

Chanel's new Le Mascara Inimitable? With expertly placed false lashes, it makes you want to try the new Collection Noirs Obscurs.

White House Black Market - the ads actually drew me into their store. Isn't this what advertisements are supposed to do?

Cole Haan? Could they have put pants on Maria Sharapova? Do real people wear over-the-knee boots with short shorts?

Moncler? Precious - makes me want to seek them out.

Dooney & Bourke channels Ralph Lauren, horse theme and all. Great ad!

Jimmy Choo, I'll be wearing clothing with my next handbag purchase, but I'm sure that your products will appeal to the status-conscious among us.

I'm over it now. Writing can be such a release! Does anyone out there agree? What features of an advertisement draw you in, make you shop, or lust for a product? Anyone out there reading blogs on this gorgeous Sunday?

Photo courtesy of popcrunch.


Anonymous said...

i have not read elle. But i agree that trasy is not cool anymore.

Joyce said...

I like ads that are simple and clean and showcase the product not a celebrity.

Fab Over 40 said...

I want the old days of models promoting products- the Linda Evangelista's of the world!
And I agree - Madonna in her "circus" outfit does not make me want to buy an LV Bag.

Charlestongirl said...

Oh, yes, Fab!!

How wonderful the super-model days were!