Tuesday, September 1, 2009

L'Artisan 2007 Limited Edition Fleur d'Oranger

A few weeks ago, I said I would review L'Artisan's Fleur d'Oranger ($295), a limited edition Eau de Parfum. I had bought the original 2005 Fleur d'Oranger, which sold out. I am still wearing it because the bottle is generous in size (I suspect I am actually hoarding it). As soon as the 2007 edition was introduced, I purchased it. Now, I need to buy another 2007 before it becomes "extinct."

I thought about how I would describe this wonderful fragrance and decided that I couldn't match Lusciouscargo, so here's an edited quote.

"Fleur d'Oranger was the first fragrance in L'Artisan's brilliant new series of outstanding perfumes that share one simple trait: each is dependent on the vagaries of climate, cultivation, and harvesting - in essence these scents celebrate an exceptional vintage year of a particular natural raw material. The stellar crop was reserved exclusively for L’Artisan Parfumeur - quite an innovative and clever concept - and judging by the overwhelmingly enthusiastic reception this perfume has enjoyed, it's safe to say L'Artisan's novel and ambitious new series will most certainly endure.

By definition, each entry will be a (very) limited edition; since the shrewd folks at L'Artisan have purchased the entire crop, once it's exhausted it cannot be recreated or duplicated. Each perfume is presented in the stunning L'Artisan fashion we've all come to adore, and each bottle is numbered.

And the first exclusive raw material in the series? Tunisian orange blossom - the '04 harvest - which was a very good year indeed. Harvested and processed in the Tunisian fields, each and every one of these orange blossoms was reserved for L'Artisan. How incredibly cool!

Now, to our infinite delight, they have brought it to us again - new crop, same sublime artistry. Doubtless, the fact that the original Fleur d'Oranger sold out nationally in about 45 minutes had something to do with their decision to brighten our lives once again with an orange blossom fragrance that is, to put it mildly, without peer.

For the first creation of this new collection of “Grand Cru,” L’Artisan Parfumeur’s hallmark 100 ml bottle is adorned with a slew of elegant details: the facets are engraved with orange blossoms, the bottle is numbered and signed (2990 copies). It is topped with a copper cap reminiscent of one you might find in a still, and nestled in custom-printed silk paper. The presentation: a coolly elegant wooden box fastened with a sliver of grosgrain ribbon and L'Artisan signature brass coin. And finally, the bottle is engraved on all four sides - a la the Grandes Reserves."

The single-note fragrance is all about orange blossom, and it's blended with petit grain and beeswax. People at work stop me and ask what I'm wearing. I can't smell it, but obviously, it lasts. I feel transported to a grove of orange trees in bloom when I spray it - sublime!

There is a difference between the 2005 and 2007 editions, but I won't tempt you with something you can't get. Other limited editions have been Iris Padilla and Fleur de Narcisse. I purchased the Fleur de Narcisse, but gifted it to a very good friend because there was a hint of tobacco in it. My nose couldn't get past the masculinity of that note, despite the very floral nature of the rest of the blend.

Fleur d'Oranger is available at Lusciouscargo, LuckyScent, and L'Artisan. Art with Flowers at Tysons Galleria also has it, but shhh, don't tell anyone before I get my next bottle. I'm saving up.

Photo courtesy of Lusciouscargo.

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