Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bobbi Brown's New Cleansing Oil

I love it! How's that for an endorsement? Bobbi Brown's new Cleansing Oil ($38) is as perfect as it gets. I have used it for the last several nights to remove my makeup and get ready for my nightly skin care routine.

The first plus? It comes in a nice, no-fumble pump bottle. The second plus? It works; it even removes my eye makeup. Other pluses? It smells nice, slightly herbal or medicinal (probably due to the lavender in it), and very clean. The Cleansing Oil contains olive and jojoba oils to condition and soften skin and ginger root extract to soothe and calm the skin. A perfect combo!

To use, pump a few pumps into your hands and gently massage into your face with damp hands. As instructed, rub around your lashes to remove mascara and other stubborn eye makeup. Then, rinse thoroughly with warm water. It's a nice routine.

Bobbi Brown has another winning product!

Right now, if you place an order at Bobbi Brown's Web site, you can select a packet sample of Cleansing Oil. It's definitely worth a try.

Photo courtesy of Bobbi Brown.

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