Thursday, September 3, 2009

Do You Know about Beautorium?

I didn't know about Beautorium (spelled with a lower case "b" on their Web site) until Amber posted a review of Suki Nectar Pure Cream Stain [for] Lip and Cheek ($40.15) on Beauty Junkies Unite last week. I had to have it!

When I got to the Beautorium Web site, I found a "natural and organic beauty emporium," with lots of specials and brands galore. There was the motto: "Good for your skin, Good for the planet, Good for you." I was smitten.

Beautorium's founders, Ann and Barry, have a great page that explains their philosophy, brand selection criteria, and a unique "Good to Know" system. If you love natural products, you've got to check it out!

Let's start with the brands. There were the familiar Korres, Dr. Hauschka, Trilogy, and Red Flower. Then, there were brands I had never tried, like Suki. I ordered my Nectar, but couldn't stop there. There was a gift (free sensitive cleansing Bar) with a $50 purchase.

Suki is a 100% natural skin care line that was launched in 2002. The products are based on active ingredients, clean environmental processes, and real science. Beautorium told me Suki products were highly effective, highly ethical, and highly evolved - sold! You can read about Suki here.

After browsing, my choice for something new was Suki's Butter Cream Healing Salve ($24.95). The salve is a multi-functional, organic balm and a non-greasy alternative to classic herbal healing salves, which moisturize, heal, and protect areas of your body that need special attention. The description even mentioned eczema. I have a touch of eczema on my chest now and then, and I was looking a bit "pink" the day I ordered. The salve sounded perfect.

What's in it? Organic lavender extract and organic cocoa butter, organic pressed fruit oils, organic healing herbs, and shea and cocoa butters. The blend provides soothing relief from skin irritations and, with luck, helps prevent future occurrences. When it arrived, I instantly smelled the lavender. So relaxing! I love the fragrance.

The salve is almost solid. I dug in with a spatula and "liquified" the product in my palm before applying. I went to sleep with that wonderful lavender fragrance, and it was still with me when I awakened the next morning. Not only that, I was less pink. It works.

I love Beautorium - the site, the selection, the philosophy, the information, and the service (I even knew when my box would arrive). The shipping box told me it was made from recycled materials - excellent. My order was packed carefully, and Beautorium sent me some very nice samples of Suki and other products. I will have a blast playing and trying. They also sent me a natural, reusable carry-all bag - so nice! Don't you love lagniappe?

This is a site I will return to - again and again. Why don't you spend a little time this long Labor Day weekend and explore Beautorium? I bet you'll like it too.

Photo courtesy of Beautorium.

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