Saturday, September 12, 2009

Armani Shopping with Charlestongirl

This was a shopping week. Even though I still haven't won the lottery, I felt a need to get out, talk to "beauty people," and learn some things. That was the happening thing in New York, but I was firmly planted in the DC area. So, naturally, I trekked over to see Loyd Cassler at Saks in Chevy Chase, and we played with the Eyes to Kill Palettes.

Since it was the most neutral, I gravitated to #1 (called Steel Black, it is anything but), and Loyd applied it for me. I had been in do-it-yourself mode when I last saw the palette. Gorgeous shadows! The total effect was natural and flattering - I think it made my eyes look very blue. This is an "everywoman shadow." It jumped into my bag.

Then, he pulled out #3 (called Gun Metal Grey, and while it includes grey, the outer ring looks bright purple). I recoiled a bit, but trusting Loyd completely, I let him apply it over his gorgeous handiwork with #1. He blended the grey and the purple for the outer corners of the lid, and when he was done? Viola! A bit more "drama," but overall still acceptable for daytime. That is one of the reasons I love Loyd - he is an artist who blends color with reality.

One of the other reps came up later and wanted to know what shadow I had on (clearly it looked good!). We giggled and said, "A lot of them." Loyd is so much fun! I have no memory of it, but I suspect I had a hidden love of paint sets when I was a very young child. I do remember that when I was a little older, an uncle gave me a very pricey set of pastels. I treasured them - didn't use them, they were too beautiful to touch.

What was most fun was applying #4, Rouge Iron, as a blusher, as I had said in my first Eyes to Kill posting. It looked good - even on my skin! We did a lot of hand testing (even Loyd would tell you it's a no-no for my eyes), and I can see that #4 could work as an eye shadow for a woman with dark skin who wants a sultry effect. Used as it was intended, as an eye shadow, it's a rusty, brown-based red - not as weird as it looks in the pan. The liner in the center is brown. I prefer it as a blusher.

One really nice thing about these three-shade palettes is that they are $58. Not a hefty price for the high-end cosmetics customer; it shows a recognition that all women are looking for better prices in this environment.

When I left, I thought my need to shop was satisfied for a day or two, but no! The Avon Quads arrived, and I got to see how nice they are. Not only that, they sent a catalog, so my before-bed reading consisted of the Avon catalog and a Beauty Week catalog from Lord & Taylor. I went to sleep dreaming of cosmetics!

Photos courtesy of Armani Beauty.


nikkiO said...

I literally had a dream about make-up last night! Eyeliner and eyeshadow! A professional drag queen and MAC make-up artist friend of mine complimented my Ulta eyeshadow application last night which is what I think prompted the dream.
BTW, I ordered 3 Featherlash Waterproof mascaras on line and got a decent price. I can't wait to get them!

Charlestongirl said...

NikkiO, we have to meet! I think it's so cool that a makeup artist liked your work - and that there is someone other than me dreaming about cosmetics. Too funny!

BTW, I adore Ulta and spend way too much money when I go. It's on my list to visit tomorrow. I haven't been there since the September specials started. I usually do the online thing, but there are some products in the store they don't have online.

I'm glad you found the Featherlash. No more driving around from drugstore to drugstore.