Monday, September 21, 2009

HERMÈS Un Jardin sur la Nil

Have you ever tried HERMÈS Un Jardin sur la Nil? This is a delicious fragrance - light, fruity, and sparkingly fresh. Give it a try next time you're shopping!

Translated as A Garden upon the Nile, the fragrance evokes the mangos of the fertile Nubian region of Egypt. However, it's so much more complex than those overly sweet mango fragrances that abound. It has notes of lotus flowers, shown on the box, sparkling citrus fruits (definite grapefruit), and something very green. There's a very slight woody note that's quite pleasant; I have read that it's sycamore.

Although billed as unisex, I think this fragrance is very feminine. From the moment you spray it on until later in the day when you still get a whiff, it's feminine charm is undeniable.

Despite the HERMÈS name, this perfume is competitively priced. Once available only in high-end stores and priced from $90 or $125, depending on size, you can now find it online at Amazon ($67.99) and other discount sites I see online.

I think I bought a lifetime supply when this fragrance was introduced. Every time Neiman Marcus had a kit, with a body lotion and "take-to-work" size included, I would buy another one. To this day, I'm glad I did.

Photo courtesy of Hermes.


Katie P. 23 said...

I wear this perfume to school (CSUF) every day! It smells like a mix of rain, sun shine, green leaves, and a warm shower. I used to buy those $10. cheapie perfumes but I've found that I never like them or want to wear them so I just waste money. This smell makes me feel great and though it's expensive, I love it. Best perfume I've ever tired!!

Charlestongirl said...

I know, Katie, I love it too! And I've bought a "ton" of it in holiday sets that are a great value.

Your description is spot-on!