Saturday, September 19, 2009

Liquid Foundation - Fingers, Sponge, or Brush?

How do you apply your liquid foundation? Most of the time, I use a sponge - one of those wedge-shaped ones made for makeup. I never use my fingers anymore, and most of the time I don't use a foundation brush for foundation (just cream blushes) because it takes me longer. I am always in a hurry in the morning.

I put the right amount of foundation in my palm and then pick it up with the narrow end of the sponge. Sponges blend really well, and I use the larger end for any blending that might be necessary after I have applied my foundation with the smaller end. Remember that most of us need more product in the center of our face and less toward our hairline, jaw, and chin. The sponge application allows you to start in the center with the majority of your product and then blend outward.

When sponges are unused, they do soak up extra product, but after an application or two, that stops. I wash my sponge about once/week. Of course, I throw it out and start with a new one every 3-4 weeks.

Today, I read a Beauty Bulletin by Paula Begoun (the self-named "cosmetics cop"), who advocates a different method. She puts the foundation directly on a round sponge and dots it all over the face before blending. Whatever works! I do disagree with her on total, even coverage. She advocates sunscreen in everything, and she believes that "you must apply a complete, even layer [of foundation] over the entire face." She says, "A thin or too sheer application will not provide adequate protection from the sun."

I think that to look your best, you need to use as little foundation as possible and rely on a moisturizer for your sunscreen. I also believe that you need as little foundation on your jaw line as possible to minimize the difference with your neck color. What do you think? Anyone willing to share their routine for applying foundation?


Lucy said...

I'm lazy. Fingers.

Anonymous said...

I haven't used a sponge before to apply my foundation. However, quick tip I learned is if you don't want the sponge to soak up as much foundation, wet it with water and drain some water out so it's damp. THEN begin with your foundation routine with the sponge.

As for my routine? I've been using brushes. I use flat tipped ones, primarily made for liquid foundations. I also use the MakeUp Forever Complexion foundation with it. However, the coverage can be a bit cakey with brushes because it can streak and settle into fine lines.

So, brush or sponge?
Sponges DO NOT work well for people with large pores. And brushes DO NOT work well with people with fine lines or sagging of the skin. So... Anyone's choice here!