Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sisley Express Eye Contour Mask

I love masks of all types, and when I got a deluxe sample of Sisley's Eye Contour Mask ($140) from my friends at Neiman Marcus, I was thrilled. Who doesn't want reduced fine lines and vaporized puffiness in their eye area?

Over the long weekend, I put the gel-like mask to the test. I took a very long late-day nap, and I suspect I slept on my head. I'm sure my Bengal cat took over my pillow while I was asleep, and my head ended up flat on the mattress instead of high on a pillow. That always leads to puffiness under my eyes - that or too much salt or alcohol. While red wine has those wonderful properties that will protect our hearts, it doesn't save us from under-eye puffiness.

Sisley to the rescue! I used the mask before bed and after cleansing, when I was still puffy and looking fairly awful. After the treatment, the puffiness was gone. Amazing.

You leave a thick layer of the mask on for only 10 minutes and then wipe off the excess. That's all there is to it. What's left conditions your eye area overnight (in my case), and the next morning, you look fabulous. The mask smoothes, hydrates, makes fine lines less visible, and definitely reduces puffiness. It has a clean, natural fragrance that makes the 10-minute experience a treat.

As with all Sisley products, the eye contour mask is filled with botanical ingredients, including rose flower water, sunflower seed oil, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, horse chestnut extract, linden extract, arnica montana flower extract, vitamins B5 and E, and algae extract. Also included are arginine, an amino acid that has become a very popular skin treatment ingredient, the trace element malachite, and chlorella extract (shown through research to be good for your skin).

There are very few products that I can recommend to reduce puffiness around the eyes. The best remedy ever is a good 20-minute rest with your head raised on multiple pillows and frozen baby peas in a baggie over your gauze-protected eyes. Although effective, that's a bit of a hassle. Sisley's Eye Contour Mask is much easier and definitely more pleasant! It's good for sensitive eyes like mine, and you can even use it around your lips.

You can find this mask, which will last you a long time, at Neiman Marcus (gift with $300 purchase for Beauty Week), Saks, some Nordstrom stores, and other department stores that carry Sisley products. You can even purchase it on Amazon for a little less money. It's the perfect remedy for those tell-tale signs of fatigue around your eyes.

Photo courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue.

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