Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Skinny is Coming!

A new members-only Web site devoted to beauty products (not diets) is on the way! The Skinny promises fabulous prices on name-brand skin care, spa, and beauty products, such as Perricone MD, Lisa Hoffman Beauty, Dermaquest, Tammy Fender, 100% Pure, and International Orange - with discounts up to 70% off retail. The site will launch October 21. I have already signed up - this is so exciting for bargain hunters!

The Skinny plans to offer lots of personalized attention, with recommendations for your skin care issues and educational videos. Not only that, they will provide tags with each product on their site to let you know how to use it (for example, for "uneven skin tone" or for "dry skin"). Having ordered the "wrong" moisturizer once, I think that's a great idea!

Members will receive one e-mail per week (no mailbox clutter) announcing the latest sale products. To join and get in on the offers from the site's inception, go to The Skinny and register. As an added bonus, new members will be entered to win a nice eye serum by Dermaquest, a $78 value. For a limited time, members who refer friends will receive up to 20% off their first purchase. That's a nice bonus for bringing your friends to the party! Who can argue when you are trying to save them money?

The Skinny was founded by Lauren Fornes, a licensed aesthetician who served at one time as a business development manager for a prestige skin care company. Lauren is a true beauty junkie, having called an 800 number she saw in Vogue to request skin care samples - when she was 12 years old! Her partner, Paige Steinman, is a marketing specialist who has developed Web campaigns for Murad, Karen Neuburger, and others. Kim Nguyen, another talented young woman, is handling PR.

Our discount shopping opportunities are multiplying like bunnies, and I love bunnies! I'll be bringing you more information as the launch date approaches. If I were you, I'd go sign up.

Photo courtesy of The Skinny.

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