Monday, September 28, 2009

MAC Dazzleglass Creme

MAC's new Dazzleglass Creme ($18) is MAC's cult favorite Dazzleglass reinvented - sort of. It's definitely creamier, and it retains its namesake's shine and dazzle, which I like. Unfortunately, I think it also retains the heavy Dazzleglass texture that attracts cat fur like outdoor lights attract moths. [I suspect I'll be labeled a heretic by legions of MAC fans.]

Wishing to try it, I made the trip over to the MAC store this past weekend and selected two of the nine colors: Amorous and Do It Up. Amorous is as complex and rich in color as some of my favorite Chanel glosses. Described as "deep brown red with pearl," it looks very dark in the tube, but is quite wearable and will be a flexible lip gloss with many potential pairings this winter. I love the pigment and gold shimmer. Do It Up is described by MAC as a "bright blue pink with pearl." I would simply call it bright pink - the blue part is misleading. It's a good spring shade. Both have enough pigment to be worn without lipstick. I like that too.

Some of the colors were too bright or reminded me of bubble gum. I did like the transparent look of Soft Dazzle, a beautiful light pink with a hint of peach. If you are a Dazzleglass fan, you won't want to miss these. Their big plus is creme and shine. The minus to me is texture, but if you are a Dazzleglass fan, you won't mind the texture. In fact, you will like the new creaminess.

Available at MAC online, MAC stores, and wherever MAC cosmetics are sold.

Photo courtesy of MAC.

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Joy said...

Not by me. I hate the stickiness of MAC gloss.