Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When the Good Guys Die

At times like this, it feels like our sun is setting, our glorious pasts receding to memories, and our futures uncertain. Too many people have died in the last week, including my dear friend Tom Howard in Van Buren, Arkansas, and Patrick Swayze, a celebrity who always seemed like one of us. A real person! God bless them all - they will be missed. May they rest in peace, but have a riotous time in heaven with old friends and new who were waiting for their arrival.
Sadly, now we must add Mary Travers to the list. She was the voice of a generation. How I wanted to be Mary!


Natalie said...

I really not dare mourn them. Good guys they were, good guys they are in our heart and our memories.
I am sure they are all smiling back from a great place just like at the end of the famous Ghost movie.
May they finally be at peace.

Charlestongirl said...

Did you see Whoopi when she remembered Patrick on the View? It was touching. She said she hoped Ghost would come true. That is what I want to believe too.

Your note was very kind, and I'm now tearing up again. I'm a mess at funerals.

Anonymous said...

It is a far far better place that I go to then I have ever known.