Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Beauty TestTube - Many Imitators, No Competitors

NewBeauty calls its TestTube the ultimate beauty sampling program. I agree. NewBeauty delivers real value in its quarterly TestTubes - a variety of excellent deluxe and full-sized beauty products.

TestTube is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind sampling program that offers members the opportunity to try a variety of beauty products before investing in them (born of confident selections), and then share their feedback about the products. Every three months, for just $29.95 per tube (plus shipping and handling), subscribers receive a TestTube filled with deluxe and full-sized samples of coveted, high-performance luxury products and the latest issue of NewBeauty magazine. TestTube subscribers also receive video e-mails, demonstrating how to achieve optimal results with the products. With 25,000 subscribers, TestTube has built an unprecedented community of beauty enthusiasts and informed women who sample and share their product favorites.

I had an opportunity, offered by NewBeauty to try their program, one with which I was already familiar. Everyone I know loves their TestTubes. I was already an avid reader of NewBeauty magazine - wouldn't miss an issue. I have learned about so many leading-edge skin-care lines by reading NewBeauty, it's been worth its weight in wrinkle reduction. Covering the full range of beauty, from skin and body care care, hair care, cosmetics, your smile, to cosmetic procedures (who's not curious?), it's a must-read for me.

Each TestTube comes with a magazine, alone worth $9.95. The TestTube I've been testing contained a wealth of products, along with a brochure to explain each one. I probably wouldn't have discovered some of these products if it weren't for the TestTube.
  • The Chella Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask Kit will banish the exhaustion with a collagen matrix that lifts, firms, smooths, and brightens the fragile skin around the eyes. I need to buy this!
  • Miracle SKIN Transformer with SPF 20 is a tinted shin enhancer that contains ecophysalis, a natural plant extract found in the Brazilian rain forests. It will help protect your skin from free radical damae and improve skin tone and luminosity.
  • Everyone has heard of Dr. Brandt and his revolutionary skin care. The latest TestTube contained his Microdermabrasion, with pharmaceutical-grade crystals that mimic an in-office exfoliation procedure.
  • Lumene Sensitive Touch SOS Cream will help you survive harsh weather and make your skin spring-ready.
  • Mirai Purifying Body Wash, Body Serum, and Cooling Body Spritzer include breakthrough antioxidant and antiseptic ingredients to reduce the inflammation associated with aging.
  • Immunocologie Treatment Crème Venomax that mimics the actions of snake venom without the agony will relax fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment and Deep Repair Masque are simply divine hair care.
  • GlyMed Plus Intense Peptide Skin Recovery Complex contains five potent peptides to promote collagen regeneration, reducing wrinkles and inflammation while moisturizing and building the skin's lipid barrier.
Knowing that most of my readers are beauty-forward customers, I suspect many of you have already tried the TestTube program. For those who haven't, where have you been? Have you been reading NewBeauty?

The TestTube is an all-star assortment, with the magazine included, for $29.95 plus shipping per quarter. Some of the samples are bigger than others, but you won't be disappointed. This is not a little tube of paltry packet samples. Also cool is that the NewBeauty Web site features a video to introduce each TestTube. You can also read feedback from other customers who have tried the products. NewBeauty is a rich source of information.

When you subscribe, you won't be making a lifetime commitment. If at any time you wish to stop receiving the NewBeauty's TestTube, just cancel your membership by e-mailing NewBeauty. It won't be anything like trying to turn off certain periodic product shipments that shall go unnamed here.

Want to learn more about and from NewBeauty? Check out their Facebook page. There are giveaways, beauty tips, and more. It's a fun "like."

Photos courtesy of NewBeauty


cytaormina said...

Thank you so much Charlestongirl for posting this. I just signed up and even found a coupon and received ten dollars off.

Charlestongirl said...

Wow...Cytaormina...where did you find the coupon? Share, please!

cytaormina said...

I found a $10 off coupon on RetailMeNot site. Just plug in "TENOFF" in the coupon/promo box when making payment. I always check with RetailMeNot when making an online purchase.

time4beauty said...

I was subscribed for TT for two boxes, didn't liked neither of them. Too much face care that is not my type :(

Charlestongirl said...

Me either, Cytaormina! I check every one of my fave coupon sites. It pays off!

Charlestongirl said...


There is definitely an anti-aging tilt to the skin care. That is what attracts most of us. Those with young skin might not feel compelled to worry about aging skin, or sometimes the AA products can be too heavy.

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I used to subscribe to this and then quit when money got tight. I may do it again because I recall it was a LOT better than Birchbox! I agree with you that the skin care angle is more heavily promoted, but I think we should be more like the Europeans and spend more on skincare, anyway!

melisand61 said...

I subscribed for a while then stopped when I found myself tempted to buy way too many new products. I agree that it is a cut above the competitors. Now you've tempted me to re-subscribe!

Charlestongirl said...

We should, MamaVal! What good is pretty makeup if you've got bad skin? :) We all need to strive for the best our skin can be.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi melisand61!

I can sure understand that. I'm enticed to buy a few things I didn't know about. :)

Pam said...

Yes, I think I will give this a try. It sounds more like something that would appeal to me. I've been with Birchbox since its' inception but have become very disappointed in that many of the samples are very small and most are geared to a much younger sect.
Thanks so much for such an informative usual :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hey, Pam!

Birchbox has lost its luster. I really believe TestTube is the best out there.

Judith DM said...

I read somewhere that this was on QVC and auto delivery, yet cannot find it, and this was from January this year. Anybody see it? It would be a wonderful way to subscribe as cancelling or returning anything to QVC is very easy.

Lisa said...

I quit a few moths ago. After a couple of years of subscribing, I was unhappy because it was not uncommon for me to receive the same products in back to back shipments. Other problems I noticed were limited product lines, certain lines are repeated over and over, leading me to believe that they impairs are selected based on their abilitypay for advertisement in the New Beauty Magazine. They also make it very difficult to cancel (I had to call on the phone).