Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beautyhabit Introduces Rouge Bunny Rouge

In a rapidly shrinking world - or an expanding world of availability of our favorite brands - Beautyhabit has introduced Rouge Bunny Rouge in the United States. While I love Zuneta, I also love Beautyhabit, so my loyalties are strained [big grin]. Maybe divided?

Beautyhabit has launched Rouge Bunny Rouge with a special offer. With the purchase of two or more Rouge Bunny Rouge products, you will receive a complimentary full-sized Gleaming Lip Gloss in Love Tricks, a $24 value. Just use the code LOVERBR through April 25 (while supplies last).

You know what this means, don't you? More easy opportunities to buy. I want that GWP!

Photos courtesy of Beautyhabit


anahita said...

Anahita says I just ordered some items from RBR at Beauty habit. It was really hard just narrowing it down but I finally decided on sea of showers, as if it were summer still liquid bronzer, F is minor eyeshadow duo and florita and habanera blush. I was interested in the milk aquarelle foundation. I wear B30 in Chanel. What shade do you think I should order? I emailed RBR and they suggested either Hazlenut or Cashew but I am a little worried it might be too dark. Any info you could give me would help. Thanks

pretty addicted said...

Anahita - I have some insight, so I thought I would chime in to see if I can help.

I am a B10 in Chanel, and generally the lightest or second to lightest shade in any foundation I have tried. I wear the lightest RBR shade, Coconut Milk Parfait, which works well for me but can be too light sometimes, depending on what my skin is doing. RBR says this shade is pinked-toned, but it's not. I have beige-neutral undertones, and it matches me well. The next shade up (Almond), which RBR says is yellow-toned, looked VERY yellow on me. If it weren't so yellow, I might be able to pull it off.

All of this is to say that in my experience, RBR foundations run very yellow. When they say something is for cooler tones or has pink undertones, it is more neutral than pink. When they say it's yellow, it's really yellow. This fits in very well with their original Eastern European demographic.

And finally, my point: Knowing what I know about the brand and that you are a Chanel B30, I'd say go with the Chestnut shade. Hazlenut is also a possibility, but definitely not the Cashew.

I believe Talita from has similar coloring to you. She has tried out several foundations, including Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and the RBR Milk Aquarelle, so you might check her blog to see what has worked for her.

I hope that helps you!

Anahita said...

Pretty addicted: thanks so much for the recommendation. I posted on zuneta's Facebook page and they suggested chestnut as well. So I think I am going to get chestnut in my next order.

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Pretty Adicted. I love the way I can go off to work, and y'all help one another.

Mary Ann said...

Good to know RBR is now here in the states. Love the foundation and the primer!

Anonymous said...

Today I went to pick up my order cause I live in the area. The nicest people work at the Beautyhabit and they were all busy filling up those Rouge Bunny orders! Thank you so much for posting the lipgloss gwp code! It is actually a really pretty lipgloss. Good on its own, and looks like it would layer well to!

Evelyn said...

Don't you hate it when your foundation is too yellow? I'm not yellow, nor am I pink, I am beige! lol I was thinking about their foundations too and pretty addicted's information is very helpful. At first I though the Coconut Milk Parfait would be too light but from the tones it would probably be a far better match than Almond.

Pet peeve - MUA paints my face yellow with foundation (yes someone at Bobbi Brown committed that sin on my face) and claims it looks wonderful. I don't think jaundice is flattering.

pretty addicted said...

Glad I could help, ladies! Incidentally the foundation is wonderful. It feels nourishing on the skin; when I remove it at the end of the day, my skin feels fantastic! Definitely one of my faves :) Enjoy!

pretty addicted said...

P.S. Evelyn I feel your pain! I have that problem sometimes too ... too yellow, too pink, etc., and then the SA tells me it looks fabulous :P

If you were thinking about the RBR tinted moisturizer (Sketches on Water), the lightest shade Adansonia is a very good option. A bit darker than Coconut Milk Parfait, but still neutral in tone. Also a nice formula, albeit a lighter coverage than the Milk Aquarelle and a bit more moisturizing (as tinted moisturizers are). Just putting it out there!

I apologize Charleston Girl, I'm taking over the comments! This news is just very exciting and I'm glad people are getting to experience the brand :) Thanks for sharing the news!

Unknown said...

I just recently purchased this foundation and I can't say enough good things about it. And I got pretty lucky with the color.. I hate sometimes ordering off of sites when there is not a counter you can go to but I got lucky for a change... :-) This foundation feels soo good on.. There is a beautiful finish to it even with setting powder (which I do not notice with anything else).. I hope it gets more recognition and becomes more easily accessible here in the states... It is fantastic!!! Their highlighters are awesome as well..