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Sephora + PANTONE UNIVERSE Giveaway Contest for Prisma Chrome Blush in Apricot Brandy

Congratulations to Cindy!
I was so impressed by everything about the limited-edition Sephora + PANTONE UNIVERSE Prisma Chrome Blush in Apricot Brandy ($16) that I decided to give one away. In the tangerine theme, the color of the year, Sephora has created a blush that combines all the best features of baked, powder, and cream formulas, releasing perfect color and a texture that lays on the cheeks like a second skin.

Easily blendable and buildable without being powdery, this unique blush leaves an unbelievably polished and sparkling finish. The warm shade, Apricot Brandy (PANTONE #17-1540), was inspired by the Color of the Year, Tangerine Tango, and will light up the apples of your cheeks with a spirited glow - or provide highlights in tangerine that are sure to warm your face.

I cannot say enough about the elegant packaging of the Sephora + PANTONE UNIVERSE Collection. It's substantial, better than the packaging of products that cost ten times as much. The box is gorgeous (see photo above); the box insert is equally stunning in its craftsmanship. The blush compact looks pricey (it's a bit small, but hey?). All in all, this blush is as worth of your consideration as any I've seen this year. I don't usually dwell on packaging, but take a look at what you'll see after your lift up the outer packaging. The blush compact is nestled within a perfectly fit insert, with a clear plastic covering to protect it.

All of this wouldn't matter if the blush were mediocre, but the sparkling peach color is dynamite. It's got style.I was impressed when I opened the compact, and I was even more impressed when I started to play with Apricot Brandy. Check out my swatch photos at my original feature.

I have one Apricot Brandy to give away. How can you enter to win this contest (technically a sweepstakes)? Just leave a comment on this feature (not in another BTiB post). After you comment here, feel free to send me an e-mail at (the contest address, not my "personal" e-mail) and identify your comment. You can never be too careful about sharing an e-mail address you care about on a blog, so feel free to follow this step (an alternative is to code your e-mail, e.g., myname at gmail dot com, in your comment). Please make sure I have your e-mail. If I can't notify you, you can't win - even if your number is drawn.

You can earn extra entries. Follow this blog (through an e-mail subscription, GFC, or though one of the many Google readers - see sidebar at right) to earn a second entry. If you are a follower, it would help me tally entries if you tell me in your comment how you follow. You don't have to follow to enter. I want everyone to have a chance, but I also want to reward my followers. I must be able to track this entry.

You can earn a third entry by tweeting this contest. You must include "@BTiBeauty" (without the quotes) and the contest title in your tweet. Remember, tweet the contest title - if you don't, that entry won't count. I will tweet the contest this evening, and you can simply retweet it to earn that second entry - if that's easier.

The deadline for entries will be Saturday, April 21, at midnight. The next morning, I will use a random number generator ( to select the winner. I will e-mail the winner on Sunday morning. The winner will have 48 hours to reply to my message and provide a shipping address. After 48 hours, the prize will be forfeited, and another winner will be selected. Make sure to check your e-mail - and look in your spam folder - when the contest ends.

This contest is open to anyone anywhere. Here are the terms. I will carefully pack and ship the prize (as I always do). I cannot insure the prize for overseas shipment - it's amazingly expensive to do so because of the way I have to send insured mail. If it's lost or stolen in transit, I may not be able to replace it with another prize just like it. I'll do my best on this end; let's see if your mail service does right by you on the other end if we have an overseas winner.

For all the legalese related to this contest, please see the Contests/Sweepstakes page at the top of the blog. Good luck!

Photo courtesy of Sephora


Rox Eco-Friendly said...

Enter me, please, Charlestongirl! =)

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Nida Moughal said...

enter me pleaseeeee!
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Leetal said...

so excited! i follow you on google reader with the same email... which is- babebaloo(at)gmail(dot)com

Farah said...

Please enter me. :) (I am sending you an email.)

grlnxdor said...

I'd love to own the "color of the year". You are such a sweetheart for having so many giveaways!

Hope your mom is doing better.


Francesca | A Golden Hour said...

You have the most awesome giveaways as always! Enter me please :

francivusk at hotmail dot it

Penflair said...

Hi, This color is downright gorgeous. Thanks for giving away one of your stash. Please enter me. I've sent you an email from Penflair about my subscription.

Penflair said...
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Penflair said...
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Unknown said...

i love your posts and when you swatch products. thanks for having this giveaway! cheers, wendy

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I have been so excited about this collection! There is something about orange, excuse me, tangerine tango, that is just so fun and uplifting. I've already purchase orange products from several brands, and I don't think I'm done yet!!
valhoff 3 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I am so in love with everything orange!! This sounds great. I also follow you via email. ---bariface--at the mail that's hot dot com.

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I follow you on twitter: @mamavalveeta03
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Mamavalveeta03 said...


karigold said...

gorgeousness; so springy!

The Beauty Godmother said...

Please enter me in this wonderful contest. I follow you via GFC as Maria Renna and also receive your blog via my e-mail account at My blog-in-process is called "The Beauty Godmother"

Hana said...

I really like that shade!
i subscribe by email
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Katie M. said...

I would love to win this blush! Thanks! katemcallaster @ gmail dot com.
Twitter: katiemcallaster
I follow through bloglovin' under katiemcallaster.

Rockin said...

This is such a lovely colour, but we don't have Sephora here in the UK so thank you for making this available to us as well.

I have tweeted - my twitter name is @bellyrockin

I follow your blog via email at rockinrollingal at gmail dotcom

Anonymous said...

What a great contest. I bought the Pantone glosses at Sephora and love them. I'm an orange/color girl. Thanks for your daily beauty wisdom! I follow by email at texaspeech(at)yahoo (dot) com

Anonymous said...

This blush color looks great! GFC: Kitty Liu twitter: kitty1465
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Unknown said...

I love the color, so spring time!
jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com
Thank you :)
~ Lisa Brown

Unknown said...

Follow via GFC: smurfette
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Unknown said...

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Tina:) said...

I'd love to try this out! :)
my gfc is tina:)
and my email is kooky-tina at hotmail dot co dot uk
thanks so much ! x

Isla said...

Wow, Sephora is really stepping up their products!

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Glogirl said...

Such a pretty colour! I'd love to try this blush.


Glogirl said...

I subscribe to your RSS feed in a Google Reader.


Anonymous said...

I subscribe to your blog by receiving emails everyday from you. I was researching Chanel makeup and somehow I landed on your page and have been a subscriber ever since!

Please enter me in your contest!!

my name is Ellen and my email is
Thank you!

melisand61 said...

I subscribe by email and I would love to be entered. Email is melisand61 at gmail dot com

Running with Scissors said...

Thanks so much for this giveaway! I haven't heard of this product, but it looks *right* up my alley.

Christy (Sydney)

Anonymous said...

I have been lusting after this since I saw the preview pics. Your swatches of the whole collection have been great. Please enter me: lexiclemence at hotmail dot com.

Cindy's Societal said...

Hi Cgirl,

I am an email subscriber ;)

Thanks for the giveaway

Dlori said...

What a beautiful Giveaway. I saw the swatch and review you did and it looked lovely. Thank you for always giving your fans the very best. Hope you and your mom are doing better. Good luck to all.

kleimanlaw at aol dot com

Dlori said...

I am a subscriber via email, username is kleimanlaw at aol dot com, GFC, username is Diane Kleiman, Twitter, username is @DianeLori.

kleimanlaw at aol dot com

Dlori said...
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Dlori said...
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Dlori said...

I posted this tweet about this giveaway on my twitter page, @DianeLori, and the link is as follows:!/DianeLori/status/191706897823440896

kleimanlaw at aol dot com

Tania said...

This is so gorgeous, I don't own anything like this. I am an email subscriber.

Erica K. said...

im a packaging whore!
i also follow via email sub, and google reader
erica_kempf at yahoo dot com

Lean said...

Thank you again. I'm loving this blog! LeanS12(at)gmail(dot)com

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad orange is the color of Spring and Summer. I'm pale and the color adds a glow to my look.

I'm so glad for this Sephora APRICOT BRANDY blush giveaway!!!

I follow you by email.

JMay said...

Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway!
email: jmay1223 at gmail dot com
I follow you through an email subscription and bloglovin

Roshana said...

pretty apricot...

Roshana said...

email/gfc follower too..

b.clay1 said...

please enter me! i've had my eye on these for a while!

GFC bill clay

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway!
email: jdmgirlfriend at gmail dot com
GFC: adthenshesmiled

ThinkOrange said...

It's a lovely color:)
Thank you for this giveaway!

kokicezaponeti at msn dot com


Kate said...

Hi Charlestongirl,

I have been lusting after this blush since I saw your post about it!

My email is kopsincs(at)gmail(dot)com.

I follow you on bloglovin' using the same email.


Kim said...
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Kim said...

Lovely giveaway. Please enter me in your contest.

BooBooNinja said...

I must admit... I'm a bit scared of getting an orange blush. I'm putting my name in for this giveaway so we'll see what happens. :)

I follow via GFC and Google Reader as BooBooNinja.
I tweeted and have emailed you my tweet.
My public email is: hermano (dot) buster (dot) bluth (at) gmail (dot) com

Thank you!

PANNA said...

Great giveaway, as always!

I follow you via email subscription.


Sofia L said...

It´s a great colour for Spring and Summer. I´d love to participate.
GFC: Sofia
I´m a subscriber sofialibera(at)gmail(dot)com

Anonymous said...

Again trying to win something worthy, let's hope. Alica - alica at cleis dot net

Camelia Andrasescu said...

enter me ,please !
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Thank you.

Mary said...

How pretty of shade you have there, Charlestongirl.

Count me in!

Mary said...

Your Faithful reader.

Yours truly,


Lorna said...

Enter me! please =)
GFC: Lorna
Twitter: LornaBB
email: dupy80(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)ar

Alta Infante said...

hope to win this one!


Alta Infante said...


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Cynthia k said...

Enter me in the Sephora Pantone Universe Prisma Chrome Blush Apricot Brandy contest

Ľubaša said...

Thanks for a chance to win this.
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BlackAsphodel said...

Enter me please!

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dulcealy said...

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Cathy said...

Please enter me!

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Monique said...

Happy Earth day and thank you for this great giveaway. I am a long time follower of yours.

The Pantone Universe was made for me. I love the blush in Apricot and Brandy, it brings out the gold tones. Have a blessed week

moniquehasana @ hotmail . com

Tiffini Chai said...

Hi enter me please!

Thank you very much!

Cindy's Societal said...

Thank you CharlestonGirl! You're such a lovely creature :D